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Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

DMK Doesn’t Wish For Deepavali

Here’s Why The DMK Doesn’t Wish For Deepavali: Old Video Of DMK MP A. Raja Derogating Hindu Festival Resurfaces.

With Deepavali fast approaching (Oct 24, 2022 ), DMK leader A.Raja’s 2019 speech about the Hindu festival is making the rounds again.

In the attached video that went viral (a re-posted portion from the 2019 original), DMK leader A. Raja infamous for anti-Hindu commentary, makes derogatory remarks about the mythological story of Bhooma Devi (Earth Goddess) and Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu while hailing Christianity as a religion that encourages scientific temper.

“In 1600, Bruno (Giordano Bruno – Italian philosopher and cosmological theorist) told that the Earth is spherical. When Bruno told this, Christianity religion did not accept it. Because, in Christianity the earth is not spherical but flat according to the Bible. That time, Christianity religion burnt Bruno alive. Read about it. Type Bruno on the internet and it will come. Bruno was burnt alive because he had said something that was contrary to what Christianity said which is that the earth is flat.”, he says in the video.

“But Christians have some sense of justice. The Christians who in February 14, 1600 burnt alive Bruno who had mentioned that the earth was spherical, 400 years later in 2000 on the same date of February 14, a statue was installed in the same place where Bruno was burnt, and Pope John Paul II told the world that Christianity apologizes for the mistake.” Raja says in the video.

He hails Chrisitianity saying that the religion which was against science is making an attempt to reform itself and goes on to say “Your religion (Hindus) says that Padmasuran rolled earth like a carpet and hid it in the ocean. Where is the ocean? Where is the ocean in the world? What are you guys saying? Padmasuran rolled earth like a carpet and hid it in the ocean. Then Devas went and petitioned [to Vishnu] that Bhuma Devi was missing. Immediately, Vishnu or Krishna incarnates as a pig and rescues Bhooma Devi from the ocean. At that time, Bhooma Devi and the pig fall in love. Lust comes. Both of them give birth to a child. That child is Naragasuran. That Naragusuran was against Devas. Whenever someone goes against Brahmins, they want to kill them. Hence, Naragasuran was killed. This is the story.” If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

“Now you tell me, there is a reason to wish Christians and Muslims on their festivals. What will you wish for Deepavali? Can the earth be rolled like a carpet? Can someone be born as a pig? Can a pig and Bhuma devi have sex and give birth to an Asura? Since these are all against science and doesn’t align to rational thoughts, I don’t wish for Hindu festivals. That’s it.”, he said.


This old video of the DMK leader derogating Hinduism has once again triggered a social media debate.

Responding to this viral speech of Raja, political commentator BR Sreenivasan had asked if A. Raja or the DMK believes in Jesus Christ’s “virgin birth”, his “resurrection” and the return of Mahabali king in Kerala.

While a few Dravidian Stockists hailed Raja for explaining the rationale behind DMK not wishing for Deebavali, many others have lashed out at the DMK leader for exposing his hatred for Hindus.

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