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‘Modi Means Business: But Can He Lead India’ says the cover of TIME Magazine’s Asian edition.

Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, who has set an example before the entire world of what progress actually means, is the cover person of a weekly news magazine that has the largest circulation in the world.  The industrious, yet enigmatic Chief Minister of Gujarat happens to be the first regional leader of India to be featured on the international news weekly. TIME has a readership of over 25 million.

“Narendra Modi sits silently on stage in a posture of serene repose,” begins the article. The article is stated to have allusions to Modi as a a firm, “no-nonsense leader” who can steer India out of a “mire of chronic corruption and inefficiency.”

Quoting Jyothi Thottam, article author, “Modi’s rise represents, I think, another notion gaining ground in Indian politics — the idea that democracy is standing in the way of economic progress. According to this logic, India needs what Gujarat has — a CEO who rules with a strong hand.”


As the news caught up, the messages of ardent NaMo supporters flooded Twitter.

Mahesh@_mashee: Wel, and Time magazine has Narendra Modi on cover as the Man who could change India for ever. I gotta agree with this one.

Vivek Parmar@vivekparmar: Time magazine puts Narendra Modi on cover as the man who could change India for ever.

PARTH RAVAL@pmtiger : Our visionary CM is now worlds best magazine’s cover page, yes Narendra Modi on TIME Magazine cover page!

Shrey Sudan@shreysudan : I completely agree with Time Magazine when they portray Mr.Narendra Modi as the man to change India’s future. He is a true visionary!

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10 Responses to Narendra Modi on TIME’s Cover Page

  1. Ramesh Shah

    Those who know Gujarat and those who have seen the changes in Urban and Rural Gujarat can tell the truth about the work and dedication of Narendra Modi. I urge people to see and feel it themselves by going to different parts of Gujarat.When the so called activists lie and commit fraud without doing any constructive work it hurts all.
    Ramesh Shah

  2. Sridharamanavi

    It is true he changed the Gujarat becuse he has full majority in the assembly.can he change India.As a leader of NDA where different parties with different mentality.

  3. Venkatasivasatyadev

    A Politician without a kind heart can’t be a good LEADER. The truth is Godhra riots will HAUNT his SOUL. Being a stringent follower of Hinduism to all sins parcticed in his life has to bear their consequences in this life and coming lifes. Media could give more importance of his visionary, but are they really into real world. This is gonna be the same case as of Chandrababu Naidu who had shown his visionary in his first term and right through his second term he started selling all government lands that too for this close associates eventually this lead to a huge scam still going. Finally 95% of the govt lands sourroundings of HYD were sold out. Agriculture land is being transformed to commercial complexes.  This will impact the food production in the coming years, all these will get importance in MEDIA after 5 years, till then they don’t mind not to get disturbed their sleep.    If he becomes PM, I think INDIA is gonna get separated as 3-4 countries again.

  4. Sarbeswar Jena

    He is my ambitious prime minister.I am awaiting for him.He is the only one who can compete my county to China.I want my country super power.He only can fulfill this. 

  5. Bhargavpandya

    I think Mr. Patel’s  language is a political language and he is chalenging JYOTI THOTTAN’s ,  ( ARTICLE AUTHOR ) Aarticle. I don’t know how big Mr. Patel’s personality to chalaenged Time Magazine  Article ? All Magazines and reputed Agencies reports are fauls and their heart burns are true ? Please consider your soul voice and stop to think against Gujarat. Ruling Party reports says Gujarat is No. One. Mr. Patel ,Please look what your eyes look , don’t look what your intention says. I know It’s hurts like you people not other who can see their own eyes. Think for 2G and Mr. Kalmadi ,ask them where’s money  of Indian people ? 

  6. ASONI50


  7. Sanjay tanwar

    May god bless INDIA with Narendra Modi


  8. Julee_cnlmeg

    Very true… One can never forget what happened in Gujarat.. No matter he has a hand in the development of Gujarat but past cannot be ignored..

  9. Dev

    Then let it be separated. Because in Past leaders who had no communal riots records had also divided Hindustan into Bangladesh and Pakistan.
    Narendra Modi Jindabaad !

  10. Sonu

    Moola Ram is a terrorist (Tantric,
    Magician and Maulvi) who can do anything wrong in the country. He and his
    family (wife “sex worker, prostitute” and son “extortionist”) is continuously threatening me and people nearby my
    house and is asking for lakhs of rupees. The concern has already been reported
    to the Delhi Police, but nothing is happening from their side. If you want that
    these kinds of people should not persist any more inside and outside the
    country who can hamper peoples of India, I would request to file a complaint
    against them.  He is working in Rajasthan
    Police Force. He is operating from the Rajasthan Police force camp in Gazipur (East
    Delhi, India). Kindly help people of India by launching a campaign against them.
    They have links with many other anti social elements and terrorists who are
    uniformly hampering the entire country. They have murdered many people and are engaged
    in extortion also.


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