Internet has gone crazy over fitness blogger Navpreet Banga who looks ‘hubahu’ like Priyanka Chopra!

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A Canadian  fitness blogger has set the internet on a wildfire. Thanks to her uncanny resemblance to actress Priyanka Chopra. The first time we saw pictures of Navpreet Banga we were like Naah!. Second glimpse and we were like Naaaaaah! How on the earth this is possible? You will be blowing your brains out too after you see the pictures of this gorgeous NRI lady who is 21 years of age, unlike Priyanka who just turned 33.

Thank you universe for not keeping them of same age, or else there would be so many conspiracy theories building up.


Cutting to the chase, Navpreet Banga runs a youtube channel Brown Girl Lifts. She posts fitness related video blogs. While growing through her videos, we realized she even sounds similar to the diva Priyanka Chopra. You have to see the video to believe it.

The girl rocked Priyanka’s Kashibai look from the movie Bajirao Mastani. Admit it! You failed to differentiate between Priyanka and Navpreet. Didn’t you?


Well here are some more pictures of Navpreet whice proves this is one epic level of doppelganger. And we couldn’t just get over with Navpreet’s ‘Kashibai’ look. So here you go again.

The girl has love for fitness health and bodybuilding. Her game at setting body goals is just too strong.

Destiny has played to the two of them with much love and beauty. Navpreet acknowledge in latest post on Instagram that she has been breaking internet and posting a picture she spoke of her being named as a lookalike of Priyanka Chopra.

“This has to be the craziest thing EVER. I never thought I’d get recognition for being a lookalike. But the fact that they all mention my true love for fitness, health and bodybuilding is what I’m truly thankful for. Thank you to everyone for the shout. I want to remind everyone that the way we look is only an add on to who we really are inside. It was never my priority to look like somebody else, it is just how destiny played us. I did not choose to be compared to PC or ever tried to BE her. I will always be who I am, and all I ever want to be. God Bless”


Yes she might look like Priyanka Chopra , but her identity remains as Navpreet Banga who loves fitness, body building and blogging about it.

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