Dog thrown off from rooftop by sadist man, now being treated at Madras Veterinary College in Veperye

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Since three days a video of medical student of Chennai throwing a dog from rooftop for fun is doing rounds and the video is more weird than it sounds. The video captures this barbaric act against the mute animal and is is painful so much so that it will be impossible for you to watch the video without feeling a chill in your spine.

The video drew social media attention after being pushed by one of the activist who went on to file a FIR against the two students. After two days of social media uproar and the issue been brought to everyone’s notice, the students involved got identified on social media itself. Now police is on lookout for the two students..

“When we saw the video, we were shocked. It was a barbaric act and the perpetrator and abettor must be punished by law,” said animal welfare activist Antony Rubin, who lodged the complaint along with other animal activists.

Police identified the said student named Gowtham Sudarshan, a final year MBBS student who threw the dog from what seems to be a three floor building.

After being rescued the dog was taken to Madras Veterinary College in Veperye for her treatment. The dog has sustained fractures in 2 places: her right hind leg and her spine.


Shravan among with other activists Antony Rubin and Jennifer Jacob-Murali Anand have taken up the responsibility to take care of the dog and she has been named Bhadra by them. Bhadra is lovingly being called Bhadra- the warrior as #bhadrathewarrior trends.

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