Sonia Gandhi Goes Abroad for Medical ‘Check-Up’

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 | by

President of Congress party Sonia Gandhi has made a trip abroad for “routine check-up”. The visit is after a span of 6 months following a surgery she underwent earlier for a medical condition that has still not been made public.

Revealing the matter, spokesperson for Congress party, Janardhan Dwivedi stated that Sonia Gandhi will be “be back in Delhi in four or five days”. Her party has so far remained loyal by not disclosing any of the details related to her illness or the destination she went to, for surgery. However, reports have stated that she was treated at New York, in a specialist hospital, for cancer.

Reports of Sonia Gandhi’s ailment and subsequent treatment have been received by mixed reactions in the country. Many wondered why she chose to go abroad with India nowhere behind in the field of facilities and doctors. However, others attributed it to undue media attention the matter would incur.

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