Sonia Gandhi: UP ‘A Mascot of Corruption’

Monday, February 27th, 2012 | by

Chairperson of UPA, Sonia Gandhi has labelled Uttar Pradesh as a “mascot of corruption” and accused Chief Minister Mayawati of swindling funds worth crores allotted by the centre for UP. Addressing a rally in Saharanpur, UP, the Congress supremo alleged political parties except Congress was hoodwinking the public for over 22 years. UP is entering the final phase of its assembly elections, with parties gearing up in expectation for power.

Addressing the mass gathering on Sunday, Sonia Gandhi said, “Instead of targeting BSP, opposition parties in UP are busy targeting Congress, however, under the rule of Mayawati the state has become a mascot of corruption. Congress does not cheat people by making promises. That can only be done by BJP, SP or BSP. They make tall promises but do nothing.”

Sonia Gandhi alleged that UP was granted funds of Rs.9,000 crore for the National Rural Health Mission. “We had given UP a huge sum of Rs.9,000 crore for improvement of health services for the poor and under-privileged across the vast rural expanse of the state, but the funds were pilfered by the BSP government, that was now trying to shield the culprits,” she said.

Referring to Mayawati’s government of being “synonymous with corruption”, Sonia stressed that the Congress party “believed in doing sincere work”. “What did you get here in the past 22 years? Did you get proper electricity and water? Do you have proper roads here? Are your children able to get proper education? Are fertilisers and seeds available for farmers? Has any new industry come up in UP? How many youth in the state are able to get a job here? Are you happy with the law and order situation in UP?” she asked, where a chorus of “no” greeted her query.

“Let me assure you that your problems will be solved once a Congress government is in place here,”said Sonia, reaffirming her view that her party Congress stood for fighting corruption and was dedicated to the cause of changing the affairs of the state completely. Congress has  been seen going extra miles for the poll campaigns in western UP, where it has a tie up with RLD led by Ajit Singh.

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2 Responses to Sonia Gandhi: UP ‘A Mascot of Corruption’

  1. Anonymous

    I just Pity India Wires for the Blog as I could see u dont have any other credible Information to share. 

  2. Aam Aadmi

    She said Let me assure you ”
    Your Problems will be solved once you elect my party”
    I dont want to remain the 4th richest politician any more but I want to be Nr 1. You will be proud of me!
    Politics is… my business ! Mayawati & Mulayam can be my friends again after the elections

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