Happy Traveling With Children

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Traveling itself is an activity that requires a lot of planning beforehand, in order to make the travel an enjoyable one. A lot of people advocate the policy of traveling light, i.e., carrying lesser amount of luggage, to derive the maximum enjoyment from the journey. However, when one is traveling with small children, especially infants or toddlers, it is difficult to put into practice the ‘travel light’ maxim, since one cannot avoid carrying all the essential items for the children. Apart from the luggage, there are other factors too that would hinder the smoothness of a travel or vacation when there are kids. The adults should be careful about what they feed the children and whether the water is good. They should always be watchful and keep an eye on the kids, never letting them out of sight. These and many more details that require attention when traveling with kids can make the travel more of a cumbersome process rather than a relaxing experience.


Here are few tips that can make your trip a hassle-free experience, even with kids in tow:


Less Activity; More Relaxation

Do not pack too many things to do or places to see into the span of your trip. In fact, it would be wise to plan only half the places or activities one would undertake when going without kids. This would give you more time to spend at each place and also more time to enjoy with your kids in a relaxed manner. Also too much traveling would tire out the small ones and chances are they could fall sick.


Indoors Can Be Fun Too

Even on a single day, plan out activities with a lot of time to spare. Sometimes is it more refreshing to stay indoors or in the resort premises and have a good time with the kids, rather than packing them up and leaving to visit various destinations. Also brace yourself for the odd day when you might not be able to go out because the whether conditions are not suitable for your kids or one of the kids has fallen sick.


Customized Clothes for Nursing Mothers

When traveling with infants, nursing mothers should always remember to wear clothes that allow for easy breastfeeding. Wearing Saris, or Kurtis with a zippered opening near the breasts, that facilitate breastfeeding with minimum undressing is a smart way of keeping the baby happy while you travel, without having to undergo embarrassment. In such customized clothes, one can sit down just about anywhere and start feeding the baby, without having to worry about the onlookers, since almost nothing or minimum would be revealed.


Always Carry Ready to Make Formula Food

Traveling with infants who are on breastfeeding is relatively easy compared to traveling with infants who are on formula or other infant foods. In the latter case, the adults should remember to carry a flask or an electric kettle with them for hot water for mixing the formulas. Even if the infant has started eating solid food, during travel, it is safe to feed them formula food, since it is light and easy for digestion. Also then one need not worry about the hygienic value of the solid food available, which might not be too much in many cases.


Be Your Own Doctor in Emergencies

It is better to carry a box of all the emergency medicines that the doctor has prescribed for the kids, during travel, and have it handy at all times. Especially medicines for fever, cold, indigestion or vomiting, allergies and rashes are a must for any travel, long or short. This would save one from the hassle of finding a physician in an unknown place.

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  1. Malathi_vijendran

    very helpful for young mothers who travels with kids. good.

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