Hate Filled Article of Tehelka – Scary Distortion of Journalism Values

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Recently a story appeared in Tehelka: Hindutva Lab 2.0. For those of you, who have not read it; please feel privileged to visit their website and look into it with the dedication of enjoying a thriller. However, you are cautioned against taking the content seriously.

So, why should it not be taken into serious account? The write up reflects the frustration of Tehelka, when a nationalist movement garners quantum support on a systematic basis, frustration is bound to creep up. The article also reflects another aspect: desperate  bid to create sheer sensation regarding what they write. Use of phrases like scary distortion of an entire society will vouch for both.

When you write about an organization or a group, it is common practice to talk to people who are members and take into consideration their views. But wondering if Tehelka ever did this! During the journalist’s supposed journey through Karnataka, spending a week journeying from urbane Bengaluru to northern and coastal Karnataka, did he meet any person from RSS/BJP? If he has, why has the journalist in charge not quoted the views of Parivar People in his article? If he hasn’t, his intention is clear – not conveying any single fact or idea, but sheer propagation of hatred against Sangh.

In case of the latter, what is Tehelka’s source? As a reader, if you are from Karnataka or associated with Karnataka, the source of the article can easily be discerned: Seetaram, the editor of Karavali Ale evening. The daily he heads springs from coastal Karnataka. Read on about Seetaram: known for amply selling crime in the coastal areas of Karnataka, he has many criminal cases glaring at his face for defamation, for spreading religious hatred- the list is numerous. He was once arrested for writing derogatory articles against the revered Tarun Sagar, a Jain Muni.

Back to Tehelka: Shiv Sundar, according to them is of the most clear-headed observers in the state! Yes! The same Shiv Sundar, who has earned his fame through a yellow tabloid- Lankesh Patrike. Ask any Kanndiga, and there will be an out pour in their remarks on Lankesh Patrike! Anyway, I am not enumerating on this yellow tabloid anymore.

Tehelka’s crime thriller has also quoted from an interview given by JDS leader Mahendra Kumar, to lend prop to the story. Anyone, with an ounce of intelligence, will understand that some one, who has migrated from an organization, will stop swearing allegiance to the same. This includes talking against it as well.

The journalist, the author of the article, who aimed at creating sensation via Tehelka, has quoted that people from Karnataka shouted a slogan: Pehle qasaai, phir Isaai (first butchers (Muslims), then Christians). My query to the dear journalist: since when have Kannadigas resorted to the use of Hindi while raising slogans? The same query will come from any other reader as well. It is natural.

Now, if they have used Kannada, why has the dear journalist taken trouble to render a painstaking translation to Hindi and then to English?

When a story is cooked, loop holes arise. Maybe the dear journalist is not aware of this fact. But the truth is plain and clear: the story is cooked.

Moving on: the journalist has planted a few ‘official figures’ in his ‘crime thriller’: for over 3 years, some church office becomes the victim of an attack, every 10 days.

Shocking, if true!

But, could the dear journalist be kind enough to also induce into us, some knowledge, about the ‘offices’ that have fallen a prey to the attack? Will he be kind enough to shed light on atleast a fragment of proof, from any official source? Or is the office of Karavali Ale Tehelka’s source of ‘official proof’?

For readers who are interested in reading more about ‘church attacks’, here is a sensational scoop: http://indiawires.com/4434/news/national/church-attack-in-mangalore-repealed-love-and-other-shocking-realities/

Readers can also read the article penned by PN Benjami,  exposing the reality behind ‘church attacks’: http://indiawires.com/6896/opinion/is-karnataka-really-the-rogue-state-no-1/

Will the dear journalist from Tehelka put forth some proof, with regard to the ‘disturbing question’ he has asked- that too with some statistical figures please? On investigation, digging up for facts, the dear journalist will be crestfallen to learn that statistics from the Home Department proves a steep decrease in number of communal incidents in Karnataka.

Now, a look at samples of factual lies that are being propagated:

  • Hindu Shakti Sangama stands canceled because of porngate: Hindu Shakti Sangama was intended to be held for 3 days on 27, 28 & 29 January. The ‘porngate’ episode happened on 7 February.
  • Sadananda Gowda wearing the RSS trademark khaki shorts : Wrong information: there have been numerous instances where Chief Ministers have worn the trademark khaki shorts before.
  • Chudamani Aiyyar is the editor of Hosadigantha: Surprised!! There is nobody with this name working for the newspaper. Group Editor is Shivasubrahmanya, Editor is DG Laxman. Since when have fictitious characters assumed positions in official posts?
  • Masood’s fault was condemning Bhatt’s statement: The case registered against Masood was upsetting the peace that prevailed in a region by twisting the statements of Bhat.
  • Karavali Ale was Karnataka’s most popular newspaper: Evening newspapers are limited to coastal regions of Karnataka. This paper does not even figure in the list of top 10 ABCs of Karnataka.

(A footnote about the newspaper: the news paper weighs upon itself proved instances of trying to stoke communal passions and creating disharmony in the district of Mangalore. Several cases have been filed against the editor and publisher of Karavali Ale.)

  • “They go around shouting ‘Pehle qasaai, phir Isaai’ — First butchers (Muslims), then Christians.” – The world around knows that inhabitants of Karnataka converse in Kannada. Less that 1% would expect Hindi slogans being raised here. If translation was his intention, surprised why the writer took pains to convey it in Hindi and then in English!! Quite a laborious task, unless he enjoys the art of cooking tales.

Tehelka’s dedicated journalist has made a reference to the withdrawal of cases against a member of Sangh Parivar. Did he suffer from selective amnesia and forget to quote withdrawal of 23 cases against Christians related to the ‘church attack’?

The ‘crime thriller’ writer has also stated about larger Parivar backing Pramod Mukhalik of Rama Sene.In his life as a journalist, did he selectively choose to ignore the well known statement of declaration by RSS that the organization has absolutely no relation with Rama Sene. If he has not seen the declaration, does he have any proof for Parivar backing Muthalik?

The dear journalist from Tehelka has mentioned that a case was filed against Masood for holding a press conference he held, condemning ‘Bhatt’s despicable one-liner’. Please note: the case was actually booked for twisting Bhatt’s statement, for spreading hatred. Let him note that the FIR failed against Bhatt even before that, even as the allegations against Bhatt are baseless.

The dear journalist has a list of trivial attacks on minorities with a bold title “Minority Report”. Let us assume that some of them could be real incidents. But incidents of communal hatred are far less, when a comparative study is done with those occurring in Kerala and Rajasthan. The dear journalist can refer official reports issued by none other than the Central Government. The instances referred to by our writer of ‘crime thriller’ includes a ‘list of attacks on minority’ including a newspaper being given the status of a state-level paper!

According to him, Vijaya Karnataka has been accused of promoting the idea of Muslims and Christians as “members of other religions”. Requesting dear journalist to kindly furnish some proof, atleast a scanned copy of this report? And just asking: will he furnish an apology, if he fails to produce a proof report?

Dear journalist, you might get convulsed, but just for your info: the editor of Vijaya Karnataka (owned by the ‘Times’ group) openly says he is against RSS ideology.

Dear Tehelka, taking this report of yours into consideration: could you kindly make a report, an issue, on the murder of RSS workers in Kerala (there have been so many of them, that you could lose track)? Another issue on the distortion of Hindu temples in Kerala? Another issue on the attack on Hindus in Kerala? You need not add lies as you have done in your article on the ‘Karnataka scenario’ in a desperate attempt to spice up matters. Just a plain article that exposes real facts, supplemented with numbers and statistics, and ofcourse, never to be forgotten, the statements of RSS Swayasevaks of Kerala. Any problem?

Dear ‘Tehelkan’ journalist, if you cannot stick to real facts, we shall give you articles about the developments that have taken place in Karnataka, furnished with actual data and statistics. Would you be kind and graceful in publishing the same? If you are worried about the cost, do put in a word: we could offer aid and assistance, may be a relief fund too.

And before winding up: the dear journalist has made a mention of harsher truth: scary distortion of an entire society. But will he be kind enough to provide some data on the change in population of the society under distortion according to them?

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10 Responses to Hate Filled Article of Tehelka – Scary Distortion of Journalism Values

  1. Theoritical Thug

    Good Analysis.

  2. Nilayparikh

    Good work.

  3. Thammayya SS

    Well written. Gone are the days, where people respect the articles written by Tehelka. After reading this I am wondering why RSS is not filing a defamation case against them. Tehelka must be thinking that they would increase their readership by publishing such stories. They are lucky, if it does not boomerang them..

  4. Harsha

     When was people respecting Tehelka? Atleast I didn’t

  5. Pradyumna

    Hate Mongers at Tehelka.

  6. Bala_76

    Hindus are themselves to blame for this mess.   They should know how to identify anti-Hindu media and blacklist them.   First blackout all NDTV channels from your TV’s.  Do it today.

  7. bihar

    Tehelka is a leftist “pamphlet” funded entirely by the Congress party. 

  8. Vikram

    The majority of the text mentioned in Tehelka’s report has been taken from Sabrang’s report on moral policing in Dakshina Kannada district (Mangalore). The Tehelka journalist might not have even visited Karnataka

  9. Tjv

    PAMPHLET… Nice one!!! I cant even think of using Tehelka as my *sswipe… 

  10. Krishna

    Ironical and sad to see peace loving Hindus being oppressed by such organisations in a Hindu majority nation. No other major religion would allow such a thing if done against them. Hindus have to file a defamation suit against them.

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