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Success in life is really “enhancement of happiness”.  Purpose of life itself is to avoid sorrow and suffering and to increase happiness and peace.  When we are in non-conflict and non-competitive situations, we are happier than we are while in stress or in conflict or in competition.  Thus SSOs give us an opportunity to spend a little time in a happy state when we are engaged in service and that too in a group setting. Group consciousness, at least temporarily, subdues our Ego and individualism role and self importance, on which we usually concentrate most of the time.  The word Ego: “mine, my success, my possessions, my family, etc.” restricts our boundary of thinking and acting.  When we are engaged in collective effort, we are able to suppress or submerge our narrow minded Ego and sense of self, which takes us away from the vast humanity of which we are only a small part.  By being attached to an ideal or a worthy goal, we become closer to the divine and spiritual being. We grow as good human beings and liked by others. There is a theory that we are all connected by Chaithanya or some Divine force, which gives energy to the trillions of electrons and galaxies to move, to tick our hearts, to make a seed become a tree and a human sperm-ovum to become a man.  In that sense, we are part of the whole universe.  SSOs give an opportunity to give expression to this theory. In small ways, we demonstrate that “you and me are one”, I am part of the Universe”.

Since Man is only one among 1.4 million animal species, it is a rare privilege to be born as a human being. How did we become eligible for such a gift? Some say that God decides everything for our good.  All religions declare that God is a good person – full of love for his creations, fair, just, kind, merciful, forgiving and possessing hundreds of positive qualities. So he must have had a reason for giving us such a precious opportunity. We should  express our gratitude to him by observing simple principles of ethical and moral values, such as, Help ever, hurt never – Give more, take less – By giving, we become more – Happiness lies in giving etc.

The world is a set of opposites: good-bad, light-darkness, truth-lie, joy-sorrow, pleasure-pain etc. Instincts of negative tendencies arouse in us passion, prejudice, selfishness, greed, etc. To most of us, it is a constant struggle to avoid such deviant temptations and to take to the righteous path by observing good values, such as cheerfulness, helpfulness, sympathy, truth, humility, etc. Also, life to many is full of disappointments and suffering. Prompted by the environment and the media, bad thoughts invade us and rouse undesirable instincts, which are anti-social and self-destructive.  Outside events cannot give us pleasure or pain. Everything is in the mind. Some like meat, while others don’t. Some like cricket, while others don’t. Thus mind is the key for values. Man means mind. Mind has to be regulated and purified. Mind is like a monkey, jumping from tree to tree. Meditation, yoga, japa etc help to regulate the mind. Another way is to engage in worthy goals and good action, which is being done by Lifelines.

Thus in meetings and collective community service, mind expands and enhances happiness, which is the real success in life. Money or position cannot give such happiness automatically.  Rich people are unable to go to sleep, while millions of poor drop off to sleep the moment they hit the ground. They accept destiny and reality; and surrender.  The rich and ambitious struggle and manipulate people and situations.  SSO meetings and service give an ambience of ego-lessness, cooperation, camaraderie, service to others, adjusting to others etc.  It is a good training exercise.

Body and mind are intimately connected in every sense.  The state of health affects the mind and vice versa.  Thus a happy mind improves health, enabling the 50 billion cells to multiply, thus improving health and immunity, which in turn, enhance the life span. SSOs recognize merit and concentrates on looking at the good aspects of every body. Negative tendencies are ignored. Even a bad speech is admired. The attitude of “See good things, hear good things, think good things” enables members of SSOs to develop a positive outlook in life and work.  Thus SSOs provide the ambience and opportunities to enhance joy and happiness.  Life is a mix of joys and sorrows.  SSOs help to increase the former and reduce the latter.

SSOs also help in Self development, in terms of improved health, enhanced life span, increased competence and communication skill, genuine leadership qualities, earning public esteem and goodwill, holistic development of life during productive life as well as during retirement, enlarged friendship circles who help personally and professionally, good thoughts and character resulting in good children, ability to withstand suffering and failure, patience and forbearance, acting as an instrument of god and society, thereby bringing achievement of professional competence and success in business.

Thus SSO is a noble mission where one enjoys life and spreads happiness to all entities.  “The time to be happy is NOW, the place to be happy is HERE, and the way to be happy is to make someone else happy and create a bit of HEAVEN right here”.

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