“My Mission is to Change the Fate of UP” Says Rahul Gandhi

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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi is currently addressing a press conference in Varanasi. He emphasized that his mission was to “change the fate of UP”. After addressing the press, the  youth icon of the Congress party is scheduled to hold meetings and address rallies in various districts including Ghazipur.

“My mission is to change the fate of Uttar Pradesh. I will not leave till then. My obsession is not to become PM, but to save UP. UP has lost hope. How do you change a state? You go to a village, you give it hope.We  have come to change the lives of the people of UP, not hold negotiations with members of other parties. Are we going to grow like Kerala or are we going to stay where we are? This is the question for UP, ” said Rahul.

“Wherever I go, the aam admi tells me that for 20 years, they have been fooled by the government in power. I saw with my own eyes opposition leaders laughing in parliament when we said lokpal should have constitutional status. We have put ministers in jail for corruption. We have given you Right to Information Act, “he said.
On Chief Minister Mayawati, the Congress General secretary said, “I am fond of Mayawati ji, I respect her. But she has forgotten how to listen to the people of UP. Anybody who says caste does not exist in UP has not walked the streets of UP.”

Regarding the party’s vision for the poll bound state, Rahul gandhi said, “UP cannot be transformed in 6 months. But you can make a huge beginning if your CM decides he or she wants change. Mayawati and Mulayam Singh ji, with all due respect, do not want to change UP.
UP is slowing India down, and it is not UP’s fault. We are not going to tolerate this anymore. Full stop. End.”

“The only thing I have is that some people believe in me. If one person in UP believes me, that is enough for me. We politicians are just transmitters. Our job is to listen and transmit. Our job is to understand and transmit. Throw a shoe at me. Do whatever. I am not scared of anyone, ” he said.

Meanwhile the mega campaign for the Uttar Pradesh election reaches the end of its first phase today. LK Advani, senior BJP leader will campaign in Lucknow today. Other senior BJP leaders Nitin Gadkari will address rallies in Balia and Ghazipur. Uma Bharti, the star camppaigner will address gatherings at Faizabad, Siddharth Nagar and Gonda.

Priyanka Vadra, the sister of Rahul Gandhi, Congress Party, is also set to complete her tour of Amethi and Rae Bareli.


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1 Response to “My Mission is to Change the Fate of UP” Says Rahul Gandhi

  1. Arun R Sekhar

     We politicians are just transmitters. Our job is to listen and transmit. Our job is to understand and transmit.  — RAUL GANDHI [ a continuous LOL] 

    Yea dude .. I can’t digest these dialogue, but I can say that you have revealed your selves.. Yes you guys are TRANSMITTERS .. You steal our money and TRANSMIT it to the SWISS BANK :P .. Shame on you .. He claims that he will change the fate of UP .. Let him change his fate first .. While he was in UP, he had changed the fate of a poor girl :P .. Now he wants to change the fate of the entire state [:O oh nooo ] .. 

    Unlike he said, I have no respect towards Mayawati or Mulayam [Especially to this man :P] .. But they are better than this one, because known devil is better than unknown Demon .. 

    Wherever he goes, the “AAM AADMI ” [:P] complaints him about the underdeveloped stature of their state — Condition during past 20 years .. But he deliberately had evicted the episode before that Era .. Because that dung will rot in his porch .. That time the reign was under his party :P Mostly Congies ruled UP n they did nothing .. I guess the latter [guys ruled them in these 20 years] had given them fair education to understand what’s happening around [LOL] .. So the people started complaining .. 

    Why do he insist on saying the word AAM ADMI ?? Is he special ?? or Alien ?? It clearly indicates that NEITHER HIM NOR HIS PARTY likes to consider rest of the people residing here as a part among them .. Its pure hatred and racism .. 

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