Catholic Bishop Council’s PIL Against Bhagavad Geetha in Schools Rejected by MP High Court

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The petition filed by Catholic Bishop’s Council against introduction of ‘Geeta Sar’ or Essence of Bhagavad Geetha in school curriculum, has been dismissed by the Madhya Pradesh High Court on Friday. The petition was filed in August 2011. The petition was filed by the Council spokesman Fr Anand Muttungal.

The court upheld the fact that Bhagavad Geeta contained no religious teachings, but contained only the philosophy of life. Earlier, the court had given the petitioner’s counsel a time limit of 2 months to study the holy text in entirety and then come to any decision. According to Additional Advocate General Prashant Singh, the Division Bench comprising of Justice Ajit Singh and Justice Sanjay Yadav asked the petitioner a few questions. Not satisfied with the answers given, the court declared that the Bhagavad Geeta was Indian Philosophy and not a religious text. The petition was dismissed thereafter.

Without directly opposing the teaching of Bhagavad Geeta, the petition said that the state government of Madhya Pradesh should include teaching of an outline of all religions, without focusing on one particular religion alone. The petitioner stated that the council was to take a resolution on challenging the court order after they read the complete order.

Another matter cited in the PIL were the names used by the state government of Madhya Pradesh for their various schemes. According to the petitioner, names like Ladli Laxmi, Balram Tal, Kapil Dhara etc and practices like ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ at government functions promoted a single religion. The names, which were drawn from Hindu mythology, did not convey a secular image.



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12 Responses to Catholic Bishop Council’s PIL Against Bhagavad Geetha in Schools Rejected by MP High Court

  1. Fr. Anand Muttungal

    A Legal Triangle Around Srimad Bhagavat Gita

    By Fr. Anand

    From time immemorial Hindus hold Bhagwat Gita in the highest regard as
    the Holy Scripture. It is believed to be the divine discourse by the Supreme
    Lord Krishna Himself. It is believed to be the most popular scripture among all
    the sacred scriptures of Hindu religious traditions and even among the followers
    other religions. Every spiritual person regardless of religion holds the view
    that Bhagwat Gita is one of the most important scriptures that provides spiritual
    knowledge of the purpose and goal of human existence.


    In the month of
    December 2011 the people of India
    went through an anticipated anxiety over the move to ban Bhagwad Gita by a
    Siberian court in Tomsk city in Russia.  The Russian translation of the book ‘Bhagwat
    Gita’ translated by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of
    International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was being sought to be
    banned by a court for reportedly spreading “social discord”.


    The issue attracted
    protests from many Hindu organizations across the globe including Vishwa Hindu
    Parishad, Bajarang Dal, Muslim and Christian organizations. The Lok Sabha
    proceedings were disrupted repeatedly and Speaker adjourned the House twice. Mr.
    Lalu Prasad said the government should lodge a strong protest with Russia, adding
    “insult to Lord Krishna and the Gita will not be tolerated.’’ The members of
    Shiv Sena, BJP, RJD, BSP, SP and Congress sought an immediate intervention by
    the government.


    Besides this Mumbai High Court hearing a petition on the same issue
    directed the Union Government to take appropriate steps to avoid untoward
    incident. Responding to the petition the council for the Petitioners Counsel M
    I Sethna said, “It is a grave insult to our culture, it would cause
    irretrievable damage to the country’s and rich culture and heritage”. Following these protests across the Country Indian External Affairs
    Minister S M Krishna had met Russian Ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin to
    convey its concern regarding the matter. The matter came to rest with the Russian Court
    dismissing the petition seeking ban.


    During this time a different matter related to Bhagwat Gita was pending
    before the High Court of Madhya Pradesh. In the Month of May 2011 while reviewing
    the education ministry the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh announced that
    teachings of Bhagwat Gita will be taught in the schools. The announcement inclusion
    of Bhagwat Gita alone into the educational curriculum drew protest from
    socio-political and faith based organizations. An RTI quarry with the
    department revealed that they were working on the announcement made by the
    Chief Minister rather than a Government Order for the same.  So the faith based and secular organizations
    persuaded with the Government. But when all options ended the Catholic Bishops’
    Council approached the Jabalpur High Court asking to direct the State
    Government to introduce an optional subject with the moral teachings of all religions.
    The High Court asked the petitioner’s counsel to read Bhagwat Gita and come. Mean
    while Chief Minister made another announcement to include teachings of all
    religions in the curriculum. In this regard too no order has been issued. The
    pending PIL again came up for hearing in the end of January 2012 which
    delivered a judgment that draws many questions. .


    If we read the media reports between the lines it makes one feel that probably
    the HC wanted to clear the way for the teaching of Gita Saar in schools. The
    Court’s interpretation that “Article 28 (1) we find that it does not ban moral
    instruction dissociated from any denominational doctrines…. Gita is essentially
    a book on Indian philosophy not book on Indian religion”, is absolutely
    correct. But the verdict has thrown a serious question on the issue of age old
    tradition and belief that Srimad Bhagavat Gita is the most revered Holy
    Scripture of Hindu religion stands shattered. Will any scripture be able to
    replace Bhagwat Gita in the minds of people?


    The Government is silent on the verdict; a Minister of the Government who
    said in a public function that Gita is a religious scripture changed his view
    within hours. The whole lot of Hindu organizations, political establishments
    and social organizations are silent on the issue. In the case of a possible ban
    on Gita in a Russain Court,
    Pravin Togadia stated that “Bhagwat Gita is not just a
    book but is (God) for the Krishna devotees and
    all Hindus.” Why did it not apply here, We need to wait and see the
    implications and far reaching ripples of this holy silence within and out side
    the country in the years to come.  


  2. Anonymous

    If people are not taught the heritage then people born on the native land will have no love for nation. Its time alien culture must be defined and their role in a native land. Its time iNdian should know about heritage. They have no place for alien culture unless is unite them rather divide them

  3. Srinath R R

    The bloody people who do
    filthy things of converting and making money through online porn sites
    have the bloody spine to challenge the good deeds.

  4. Ramakrishna Gauthaman

    They call themselves messengers for peace, born to serve etc…History has not come across such a facist group.The most undemocratic and a barbaric religious sect

  5. Sameer

    These missionaries, child abusers, self-proclaimed messengers of peace just want to destroy India and break the bond between Indians and Indian history!

  6. rameshbashyam

    In a Hindu country these guys are saying we should not pray to our Gods or evoke their names. How dare they do it? Let them go to Pakistan or any other Islamic nation and say the same.

  7. Suchetausa

    Madhya Pradesh sarkaar ki .. jai ho !

  8. Thampuran

    These are some of the show offs thats all, hope he woke now…………….

  9. Swami Param

    Lots of confusion here. Why are the Hindus denying their religion? This denial only give fuel to all those who take various aspects of Hindu Dharma (Yoga, for example) and divorce them from Hinduism. Hindus are shooting their self in the foot–again!

  10. Akash123r

    BAGWAT GITA is the point from which world enlarges, for most of the scientists from the world, its a point of motivation to start their journey 
    to invent something,thats why, according to me, i thing its very important 
    to estimate one extra subject based on ethics of bhagwat gita
    to reform the greatness of our old and very strong, enthusiastic educational scheme…..think about that….it will be helpfull for nation 

  11. Sashi

    These people intensionally forgetting that once they were the citizens of Sanatana dharama of this country. . Bhagavat Gita is not a religious text. There are no depiction of any religion. This is a truthful practical approach to the human life.They should approach Gita with an open heart.  If they dont understand the truth – Then they need an ‘open heart surgery’!

  12. Rajaraman

    The guy filed pettion is a hindu by his ancestors.. his name Anand shows it offfff… Anando bruhmethivyajanath..!! slowly they (both M & C) will start dancing on the heads.. ! Alert..!!

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