AICC Website Hacked on Sonia Gandhi’s Birthday

Friday, December 9th, 2011 | by

The official website of Congress Party was hacked this morning, coinciding with the 65th birthday of Party President Sonia Gandhi. The opening page of the website was replete with pornographic content. The hacking of the website comes in wake of Kapil Sibal’s statement of making a crackdown on internet content, which is alleged to contain nude morphed pictures of Sonia Gandhi. The site has closed following detection of incursion.

“I have been informed that the website has been hacked,” said Tom Vadakkhan, spokesperson of Congress.

Even though sexual content replaced by the hacker displayed a Pakistani e-mail id, the veracity behind it has not been verified. The IT wing of Congress is investigating the matter. Earlier Kapil Sibal, the Minister for Communications came under the ire of netizens, with his statement calling for screening of internet content.

“We will evolve guidelines and mechanisms to deal with the issue,” Kapil Sibal said  without issuing details of the steps that will be taken.

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4 Responses to AICC Website Hacked on Sonia Gandhi’s Birthday

  1. Padmakumar G Nair

    IT wing of Congress…….by the way, does it read C..B..I????

    Tit for Tat……..she defaces a nation and someone defaces her.

  2. Abhishek Maheshwari

    LOL…. All this happen on Anti corruption day… A true gift for Congress…

  3. Padmakumar G Nair

    Another senior UPA leader too got his faced ‘defaced’ recently…….Sharad Pawar.  Not online however.

  4. Vaidya Keshav

    any doubt on it?

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