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their lives were once blown to smithereens. Warriors fans, indeed Bay Area sports fans, don’t really know what it’s like to watch some mortifying ending in a championship game that becomes an endless highlight reel of misery in your mind’s eye. They don’t know that dagger, the feeling of staring at a television screen like you just watched your mom get run over by a car. (Don’t write to me about talking about moms being run over by cars. The Fumble was worse.) Northeastern Ohio
Cheap jerseys cemeteries are filled with people who gasped their last breath without witnessing one of their sports teams win anything. There was the Ohioan who famously included a line in his obituary about wanting a Cleveland Brown to serve as pallbearer so "they can let me down one more time." There is no other city like this in terms of cataclysmic sports failure. The Cubs? Please. Chicago has enough championship banners from the Bulls, Bears, White Sox and Blackhawks to tent a Cleveland slum. OK, I concede I was

alcohol and criminal biker gangs Law enforcement continue to investigate the motorcycle gang related shooting at the Twin Peaks restaurant. Nine 9 bikers were killed Sunday and over a dozen injured. Waco police on Monday. amid safety concerns. (AP Photo/ Jerry Larson) Who could not have seen this coming? Pour at least 200 members from five rival biker gangs with long reputations of criminal activity into a restaurant/bar. Add in a jigger of probably illegal guns, other weapons and alcohol. Ignore police warnings about security. What could possiblygo wrong? And by hosting this meeting, the restaurant put a lot of people needlessly at risk. What happened Sunday was avoidable and predictable. This is not a PTA meeting. It is a discussion of criminal enterprise. Police knew this was a dangerous brew and stood nearby to intervene. But a fight broke out in a bathroom and spilled outside into the parking lot. The fight escalated from fists and feet to chains, clubs and knives, then to gunfire

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