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the time now to train someone properly to do the task to your standards so that you can delegate more of those tasks in the future, leaving you with time to do other jobs which have a higher pay off. When you delegate to someone, don’t dump it on them. Make sure he/she understands why he/she is doing the task, the outcome or results expected, the priority and/or deadline that he/she has the tools to do the task you ask, and
Wholesale NFL jerseys that you had previously invested time in training him/her how to do the task. Remember the 80:20 Rule. Doing the right 20% of all the things you need to do will give you 80% of the returns. So think 80:20. Ask yourself, "What could I do now that would give me the highest pay off?" Then, do that. Make time to relax, take time to relax. Take fifteen minutes out of everyday for quiet time or meditation when you blank out your mind and let it learn to slow down. This revitalizes and re energizes you so you are more effective. And, it also allows your brain to rest

Meal Planning Made Easy I plan my meals once a week. Because I have limited refrigerator/freezer space and a small family to feed (3), this plan seems to work best for me. I only go to the grocery store once a week. When I getting ready to go to the store, I sit down
Wholesale NFL jerseys and starting planning my menu for the next week. This is a good time to go through this week grocery ads to see what on sale this week. I also take this time to clean out my refrigerator to see what needs thrown away and what can be re used as leftovers in the next couple of days. Cleaning out your refrigerator weekly is crucial in avoiding wasting food that could still be used to make a perfectly good meal. So after I cleaned out the refrigerator and scanned the grocery store ads, I start my shopping list. I try to plan around what I already have in the freezer. For example, if I know I have a pound of hamburger in the freezer and I know I have spaghetti noodles on hand, then I just need to put spaghetti sauce on my list in

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