Rs. 2000 Crore Bribe Allegations Application Filed Against NDTV

Friday, November 25th, 2011 | by

An application filed in the CBI court alleges involvement of NDTV and P Chidambaram in bribe and money laundering of Rs. 2,000 crores in 2G scam. They also state misuse and abuse of power. The application was filed in Patiala House Courts by an IT Commissioner, SK Srivastava. It states that a dummy company of NDTV at Holland is being used for alleged money laundering via Mauritius back to India.

NDTV has reacted to these charges as baseless and has filed a defamation suit against the person who filed the application. “NDTV has just filed a defamation suit against a man making wild allegations about NDTV – and about “prostitution in the IT dept,” tweeted Vikrama Chandra, CEO of NDTV.

Download the copy of application(PDF)

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5 Responses to Rs. 2000 Crore Bribe Allegations Application Filed Against NDTV

  1. Pradyumna

    Just like RadiaGate. Truth will come out Chandra; very soon, you, Prannoy, Burkha will be where your mamus are.

  2. Jeet Bhargava

    Great news. NDTV deserve it. Pranav ‘Jems’ Roy is A Big Blot on Journalism.

  3. danendra jain

    Why government led by Respected Manmohan Singh and remote controlled by Sonia is bent upon permitting FDI in retail or in airlines or in telecom or in insurance now when there is all round protest against Foreign Direct Investment and when the Europe and USA is passing through financial crisis?

    Is it intended to bring back black money from foreign banks in fear of its exposure under all round pressure? 

    Will government explain why was there more than 1000% rise in export during last few months to a few countries which were never in focus in the past for raising exports.

  4. Criss Angel

    rNDTV कोंग्रेस (मेडम जी) के गुणगान कर रहा है…. === अगर सख्त लोकपाल आ गया तो rNDTV सबसे पहले लपेटे में आएगा क्योंकि 2G में इनके ऊपर भी FIR है – Read –

  5. jung

    i read great scandal done by pronay rao with chidu,,,in sundary guardian, it is great shame media is worse than prostitute,,,shame on them,,

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