Rahul Gandhi: “I am not here to Win Elections”

Thursday, November 24th, 2011 | by

The General Secretary of Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi, is under obvious ire, with political opponents making a mockery over his visits to the huts of the poor. The Congress scion, who has been sharing meals with the poor on a frequent basis, has been accused of enacting a ‘drama’.

Rahul stated that opposition leaders who call him a kid have “no information about politics”. His suggestion for those leaders who confined themselves to speeches was to make visits to the homes of the weaker section and share their food and water.

“Every time whenever I mingle with the poor, visit their houses and share meals with them, senior leaders while sitting inside TV studios mock at me. They call such things a drama of Rahul Gandhi,” said the youth leader from Congress, to a gathering in UP.

‘If mixing with the people to understand their problems and issues affecting them is a drama, I will continue with this drama throughout my life. I am not here to win elections…I am not going any where…I am here to change Uttar Pradesh,’ said Rahul Gandhi, who even stated that he suffered from numerous instances of indigestion by drinking  “water that is consumed by the public”.

Rahul Gandhi’s visit to UP is part of a 5 day mass contact plan, ahead of elections in the state.



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  1. Vikaas S Sahay

    after getting indigestion after consuming water meant for the ‘common’ man, what did he do to ensure better water quality? Just asking 

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