“India Against Corruption” Facebook Page Disappears Mysteriously

Monday, November 21st, 2011 | by

A Facebook page India Against Corruption has suddenly disappeared today leaving netizens absolutely clueless. The disappearance has led to Kiran Bedi, member of  Team Anna, tweeting “IAC Facebook page has just disappeared. Not known why? And by whom? Amazing!” This has led to a spate of discussions and contributory speculations about what possibly could be  the fate of the page.

“Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly.” – is what the display says, when users try to navigate to http://www.facebook.com/IndiACor. Here are some of the responses that have been evoked from Tweeples:

Janlokpal: Can a tech issue at facebook last for more than 20 hrs, that too for just one page?

Pradeep Dhawan: IAC is a movement of well educated people, no Community/Person Hatered on Page, @facebook should #RestoreIACFBPage ASAP.. if FB is involved.

Shashanka Nanda: The India Against Corruption Facebook page has been mysteriously stopped functioning. Another sarkari stunt?

Sreejith K: Funny. Facebook says that the page for IAC is corrupted. Looks like we have to fight corruption everywhere.

Update @22nd Nov, 11:30PM: Facebook page is up online now


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  1. ChristianizingBharatanatyam

    It’s back online!!

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