Love Jihad: The Truth Must Be Told

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The November 29th, 2013 edition of the popular English magazine, Frontline, carried a story titled “Sensational Grist”. The story starts off with the depiction of a Marathi booklet from Hindu Rakshak Samiti on Love Jihad, written by Ramesh Shinde and Mohan Gowda. The very first image is that of a Muslim looking man in beard thinking “Love Jihad” in his mind, ferrying an innocent Hindu looking girl thinking “love”.

frontline photo


It takes the issue through various threads, terms Love Jihad as more of a paranoia of Sangh Parivar, before showing an important picture from Mangaluru from 2009. That particular picture was interesting as it told us that Muslims of Karnataka, were campaigning against the use of the term Love Jihad.

I wondered, why would some Indian Muslims feel so annoyed to oppose the term itself?

At the same time, I saw numerous instances wherein Hindu organizations like Hindu Janjagaran Manch / Hindu Janajagruti Samiti have taken out massive rallies and protest marches in India to opposed the Love Jihad epidemic, as they term it.

mangaluru rally

So does Love Jihad exist, or not? If it does, what is Love Jihad?

Let’s Explore Love Jihad in depth:

First of all, Love is almost the opposite of Jihad if you look at contemporary meaning. Jihad is a struggle or fight, and how can you place Love and fight in the same phrase? Personally, I don’t know who coined the term “Love Jihad”, but since it has been used widely by media and society, we will continue to explore the facts behind that term.

Without getting into specific Islamic definition, it is worth summing up the Jihad part as follows. Jihad is generally a pro-Islamic struggle. The Arabic noun Jihad literally means struggle. The meaning is usually “to struggle in the way of Allah”. The struggle can be spirutual or physical. It is different from the Hindu concept of fight againt Anyaya (unjust). As Hinduism is a non expansionist and all assimilating philosophy, there is no question of war or fight to expand the Dharma. But Islam is an expansionist and exclusivist ideology. It does not accept ideologies or methods of worships that are not sanctioned in its holy book Quran. The one thing common across most sects of Islam, the Sunni, the Shia, the Sufi and others, is that they consider spreading the message of Allah to non-Muslims, their important duty. For some like Shia Muslims, Jihad is an ancillary of the Faith (furu-al-deen).

Back to the Love Jihad topic, the one book that is highly suggested for young girls or parents of young girls is this Marathi book on Love Jihad by Suneela Sovani. It has been translated into English by Shreerang Godbole with a title “Love Jihad, Muted Horror” and published by Bharatiya Vichar Sadhana Pune Prakashan. Their phone number is +91-20-24490454. The book has interviews with the victims (after masking their names) across India, the methods used by Love Jihadis, Conversations with parents and activists, understanding the psyche, the legal position and then some authentic Islamic references talking about what exactly is Jihad.

marathi book

Presenting a couple of interviews from the book in here:


One interview is with Rekha from a middle class family in a big city. She lived with parents and brother. While studying Class 12, she fell in love with a Muslim boy. She eloped with that boy nicknamed Sallu. She stayed together. Became pregnant. Sallu was overjoyed. She was also happy, but worried. She had never seen Sallu’s family members. Even though he gave her good things in life like expensive gifts, favourite food, perfumes and lipsticks, he would not agree for a marriage even after she becoming pregnant. He simply refused to take her home to meet his parents.

When the writer Suneela pressed hard for details, the girl tells more. She was 17 when she met Sallu near a coaching class. He worked at a net cafe. She liked him and as their friendship blossomed, Sallu started giving lot of gifts. She carried the gifts without showing to the parents. Sometimes she lied to them that they were gifts from some female friends. Then they started seeing more often. One day he presented her with a mobile phone. Overjoyed she used it, but still told family that it was given by a female friend. But by then family started suspecting. Brother kept a watch on her. Once the faily found out the issue, they disliked Sallu and clearly told that there’s no question of marriage with him. Cell phone was taken away and restrictions placed on her. But age and harmones made this Rekha simply get infatuated with Sallu. She decided to run away with him. Surprisingly, Sallu had many friends who helped her run away. With Sallu they planted her in a lodge far away from her house. The plan was to run away, get married and then happily live ever after, like they show in Ameer Khan or Shah Rukh Khan movies. For a girl who craved for love and care, nothing as better at age 17 to run with Sallu, her heart throb.

Coming to her pregnancy now, she was indeed worried. She had not informed her parents anything. Sallu had warned not to contact anyone. When she pressed hard for marriage, he brought some friends to the lodge, who showed her how to wear burqa, hijab etc. She was told to learn Islamic practices like Namaz and reading Quran. She was told that if marriage is needed, that’s the only option. As she hardly had any choice, she followed them. She was 6 months pregnant.

Finally one midnight she was out of lodge and taken to a village where Sallu stayed. It was a Muslim house. To her shock, she found out on the third day that Sallu was already married and had two children. His elder wife told Rekha that he was an expert in duping girls. Finally after lot of effort, she passed on the information to her brother, through another girl in the area who was an ex-Hindu. He believed her and informed police. That’s how she could escape a literal hell. Later Sallu was arrested, but not for long.

The family had no option but to give the child of Rekha for adoption. She did find a future life with support from parents, but what she went through was rattling and shocked her for life!


She came from Kothrud in Pune, Maharashtra. She had a BE and MTech. She was 24 when she met Javed at the workplace of an MNC. The usual inter office romance that started with cafeteria and then blossomed into helping with deadlines, and finally exchanging vows to get married. Both families were well educated, but they did not easily agree to the marriage with a progressive mindset. Initially Revati’s family was saying no to a Muslim boy. Javed’s family also said no to a Hindu girl, but grundingly said they would accept if she converted to Islam.

But Revati read books. “Not without my daughter” and the Marathi version of SL Bhyrappa’s “Avarana” were read by her. She pondered a lot. Her position was similar to the heronine of Avarana novel. So she posed several questions to Javed about the practices in Islam, particularly women’s position. He seemed progressive. He criticized oral talaq (divorce) and Burqa practices. She was bowled over at his progressive views. She confirmed that her freedom won’t be compromised after marriage.

Her parentes feared that if she does get married, Javed can always take a recourse to the Muslim Personal Law and marry again or force her to adopt to Islmic practices. She did not believe he would do any such thing. So she insisted on the Special Marriage Act. Javed said that love is supreme. He insisted on conversion, but somehow they agreed to marry under Special Marriage Act. They did marry secretly with help from Javed’s friends and some relatives. They were both earning, so supporting was not an issue in the future.

Revati did leave her home without informing, got married and started living in a flat provided by Javed’s uncle. But as time progressed, she realized that her marriage was not acceptable in Islam unless she converted. Since she felt that Javed is more important to her life, she started thinking about converting now. Also, pressure had started from his relatives. Her family had slammed their doors on her fully.

Gradually he started asking her to convert. He said child plan only if she converts. His child would be muslim under any circumstance, he said. She was in a blind. Her friends considered her a Muslim even though she got married under special marriages act. Her husband would not give her motherhood unless she converts. His family and society was unwilling to accept her unless she became Muslim. Her marriage was on the brink. Javed converting to Hinduism was next to impossible per her reading of him. She had no courage to go to police or courts to force anything. After much deliberation, she felt safer with him and decided to convert. She became Rubiya. Javed’s family was happy. She started namaz offering and wore hijab.

She understood the trick finally, but it was too late. For all the drama Javed did of being progressive, his trick was to trap her and then not offer her motherhood, unless she converts. By then, he knew that her family would disown Revati and she will fall in line eventually!

Other Girls:

Swetha who was taken to Bangladesh via marriage promise, Rani whose quest for love landed her in terror network in Jammu and Kashmir, Savita whose 6 precious years were lost in Madhya Pradesh due to cheating in Love, married woman Sevanta of Banjara community who fell in love at fields, Jyotsna from Madhya Pradesh whose lover tried to sell her after using her, Reshma from Gujarat whose supposed in-laws had no clue of her eloping with their son, a wealthy girl from Himachal Pradesh who took Special Marriages act way and Pramila of Asom who became the seventh wife of a serial abuser. I am not going to give more cruel and gut-wrenching details from these interviews, but it suffices to say that most girls suffered badly. And it was not a coincidence that they all fell into familiar traps which didn’t seem disconnected.

What’s the big deal? Why are you intolerant towards Muslims?

Many people might ask, what’s big in a girl marrying a boy from another caste or religion?
What is the difference between a girl named Geeta Gowda marrying Surendra Bhat or Imran Shaikh or Rama Naik or Bishnu Valmiki or Vinay Hiremath or Venkat Reddy? Why are these Hindu organizations so bent upon stopping pure love, just becasue it involves a Muslim boy? Why are you guys so communal?

The answer is complicated. No, it has nothing to do with preventing pure love. No, I am not at all intolerant if there pure and reciprocating love affair. Who am I to stop a pure love between two hearts? In fact, this writeup is to prevent girls from suffering immensely from certain traps that are set with love initially, but with lots of hard wires laid beyond that. To completely answer, one needs to know the laws of India well. The issue beyond the love at first sight, is what happens after love is in place. The religious and legal complications is what makes this very tough to understand. Keep reading, you will get the answers.

One unique thing you will find in that book is the side by side comparison of Hindu Law and Islamic Law, when it comes to marriages in India. Very few people actually know that Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs have their own marriage laws in India. There may be more, but we will not get there here. Hindus follow a civil law enacted by the parliament in a democratic setup after independence of India, whereas Muslims follow a personal marriage law that is derived from their Arabia origin 1400 year old holy books and interpretations. That’s a huge difference. Hindu marriage law can be amended by humans in the parliament if there is a need to change, but the Islamic marriage law is fairly rigid with not much humans can do in parliament. In addition, there is also a Special Marriage Act, 1954 which is to address special cases that won’t fit into specific religious marriage acts.

What majority of Indians might not be aware, is the complexity of inter-religious marriages. What happens when a Muslim man marries Hindu girl for instance? What happens is that marriage is registered under Special Marriage Act? What happens to their children later? What happens if they get divorced? How is the property, alimony, children issues settled? What if they need to adopt a child? What happens if there are criminal cased like dowry harrassment, marital rape, multiple marriages by the man while this marriage is still valid? The issues are mind bogglingly complex and very easily none of the Romeo-Juliet or Laila-Majnu kind of love stories of movies can addresss them.

Here is one simple thing compared in that book by Suneela Sovani. A marriage under Special Marriages act is not recognized by the Islamic law of marriages in India, which is based on Sharia laws of Islam.


Just remember the most important difference.
A Hindu marriage is sacred bond between a husband and wife.
A Muslim marriage is a contract between a husband and wife.

In an ideal world, a boy meets girl, both romance, marry and live happily ever after. But real world is harsh, has too many religious and legal hardships and can get painstakingly complex if one gets into a wrong web in an attempt to find love!


Islam has always depended on Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist wombs in the Indian subcontinent to grow. Just read about any of the major invasion that happened over the past 1200 years. How many men from West and Central Asia came, and how many females they brought together with them. The number of females they brought is always insignificant and in some cases, zero. Right from Mohammed bin Qasim, the trend of Hindu women being conquered, stolen, sold and abused was continued by Ghazni Mohammed (Thaneshwar episode) , Allauddin Khilji (Rani Kamaladevi), Humayun, Akbar (Jodha, which is romantically picturized now) and more. Not just the kings, but the armies and Muslim society in general did absorb Hindu female DNA generously.

Then we have numerous cases from Bollywood. One can say that movie industry sees girls from both side marrying others. But what matters is how many convert and how many bring up their children in the husband’s religion. Sharmila Tagore, Susheela Charak, Gauri Chhibbar, Reena Dutta, Kiran Rao, Amrita Singh, Kareena Kapoor are often cited names on this topic. Even though many are living happy lives, their children are almost certainly becoming only Muslim. The corresponding list of Muslim women raising Hindu kids is quite short.

Motives of Love Jihad:

Based on the research done by some of the books quoted in this writeup, these are the key motives.

1. Expansion of Islam. If you take a girl from non Muslim community, it not only helps raise Islamic lineage, it also takes away one non-Muslim womb! For those saying Hindus can also do the same, see the police numbers later to understand why that does not happen much.
2. For unlawful activities like pornography, illegal bank operations, transportation of illegal arms, outright terrror network support and so on. Yes, there are proofs. Read further.
3. Earning money using the victim of Love Jihad via pornography or prostitution. Blackmail is a very common mode per those books’ research.
4. Export of victim girls to Arab countries for prostitution or other terrible options.
5. If nothing else, using money given by someone else in the name of religion, using a victim for bodily pleasure. Many victims have committed suicides unable to get out of the trap.
6. It’s been quoted by the books often, that these boys/men are funded before, during and after the entrapment. There are cases cited where money has come from abroad with the sole aim of bringing more non Muslim girls into Muslim fold. Some even have published rates for entrapment of a girl based on her caste or background!

Possible victims:

1. Girls who come to cities from rural areas. They are the easiest targets using a network of Love Jihad supporting Muslim girls.
2. Unmarried working Hindu girls. Student community is the most targeted as the upper teenages cause hamonic surge and make girls fall for sweet talk, nice dress and pampering.
3. Girls from families that are too strict or broken families with little love available.
4. Married Hindu women, either living mostly alone or in financial or sexual need.

Methods of Love Jihadis:

1. Motor cycles in front of colleges and schools. Sometimes cars.
2. Cell phone gifting, contacting and tracking.
3. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc.
4. Shadi websites.
5. Creating a danger scene from Muslim goons to a Hindu girl, and then acting as a saviour to earn her trust.
6. Valentines day or Navaratri Garba dance participation.
7. Illegal methods like lacing drinks with sedatives and kidnapping or picturizing abuse.
8. Black magic per some victims, if you can believe in that.
9. Outright criminal methods like molestation, rape or kidnapping, usually accompanied by recording of the scene to blackmail her.


Per some research, the boys or young men are clearly trained. They are taught :-
1. basics of Hindu customs
2. how to approach a victim
3. how to touch at the right time
4. how to show that they are “modern and progressive”
5. how to pretend that they are in deep love and have fallen for her
6. how to lure for physical relationship
7. how to avoid giving out more details about himself or family and
8. how to proceed to next steps once the girl is trapped.

Contemporary Cases from media:

12th November 2013, Kannada Prabha:
Patna Blasts – Ayesha arrested, she’s a resident of Mangaluru.

Mid November 2013, Kannada papers were bombarded with details of Ayesha from Mangaluru, who was arrested, presented before the court and then sent off to Bihar, in connection with Patna bombings of Narendra Modi’s rally. There were serious questions asked during that period. How did this Hindu girl who was converted to Islam, own 35 bank accounts as reported? How could she be so convincingly used for terror funding? How did she manage to fool big banks by bankrolling over 1 crore Rupees in just 2 months, while her job was a measly earning beedi roller one?

Ayesha Patna blasts


12th November 2013, Kannada Prabha:

Love Jihad Used for Terrorism.

Not only Ayesha who was Puttoli Indira from Kodagu district before her Love Jihad, there were many more listed in the same paper. Divyasri Suvarna and Chandrika were also mentioned. The highlight was that Love Jihad was used for terrorism, and the terrorists would love, lure, marry and then push the victims to terror network.

Ayesha 2

 17th May 2012, Sudha Kannada Magazine cover:

Why do girls go absconding?

sudha mgzn


Suchetana Nayak explores the complexity of why girls disappear. The shocking number from her article is that 60% of those who run away from home are minors.

kannada mgzn article

She says that even judges are clueless on how to handle such cases. Why does this happen? What are the solutions?

It lists just in Bengaluru city, 102 police stations got missing reports in which 1383 have still not been found (as of writing that article in 2012). In 2012, that untraced number was 807. Note that this is not just for young girls, but they formed a big chunk of these numbers.

missing girls data bangalore

The most shocking aspect from that Sudha cover story was that in 2011 year, 1088 Karnataka girls of the age group of 15 through 18, had not been traced. Note that this 1088 number from 2011 is just among the registered cases. Also, the same year, 3283 women above the age 18 went missing, but not yet traced by late 2012. Of course, not all missing girls and women are being counted as Love Jihad cases, but this just gives an idea of official statistics showing that there is a large number of females going missing each year. Some of them might be ending up in Love Jihad trap.

missing girls data

September 2013, Various Media:
Muzaffarnagar Riots and Inter-religious Eve Teasing

Then there are numerous columns written on what happened during the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh, that claimed close to 50 lives. It involved a Muslim boy teasing a Hindu Jat girl on her way to school regularly. The girl’s brothers protested, fought and eventually this galvanized into a big Hindu Muslim riot. If you look at the history of what happened during the months before that in the same Muzaffarnagar area, you will find that there may be links to Love Jihad modus operandi with some political support, which went out of control in August-September 2013 period.

Video: Love Jihad in India Exposed by IBN7

Then I watched a few reputed TV media’s archives like this one from IBN7 Hindi that talked about Love Jihad.

love jihad ibn7 3

 The title of this video snapshot reads: “The new wicked plan by terrorists exposed. Love Jihad has taken roots in all parts of the country

In this TV show, I came across “Love Krishna” and “Love Jesus” as two cryptic paths within Love Jihad. By now, it was clear that Love Jihad does exist, no matter which name you use (In Europe they use Romeo Jihad). Love Krishna was to target Hindu girls and Love Jesus was to target Christian girls. And the people targeting were clearly Muslim youth, per these news reports.

love jihad ibn7 2

The particular IBN7 report highlighted multiple times “pressure on the girls to become terrorists”.

love jihad ibn7

“Love Jihad” – CNN-IBN Debate


Another CNN-IBN debate focused on Love Jihad specifically in Kerala and Karnataka.

love jihad cnn

 Love Jihad Victims: Video Series on Youtube:

Then I came across something which was unexpected for me. Yes, there are videos viewed by 10s of 1000s of people on Youtube, that show the victims of Love Jihad. Just search for “LOVE JIHAD victims live… file 1”, “LOVE JIHAD victims live… file 2” and so on. Here for a very shocking change, the victims talk themselves and explain their Love Jihad experience. They are not covering their faces in many cases, like the two cases shown here.

Girl youtube 2

Kudos to the brave girls who came out to talk and warn other potential victims of what happens if you do get trapped in this deadly Love Jihad cycle.

Girl youtube

Some people even after reading till now would be shaking their head. Why is there a need to project a simple boy and girl love story, into Love Jihad, just because the boy happens to be a Muslim? To answer that, one needs to go through some authentic mainstream media reports quoting organizations, courts, government and police.

Here are some giving facts and figures.

Times of India, reported by Ananthakrishnan G on Oct 13, 2009.
Love Jihad’ racket: VHP, Christian groups find common cause

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: ‘Love Jihad’, a religious conversion racket which lures gullible girls by feigning love, has brought rivals Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Christian groups in Kerala together.

The two have decided to join hands to combat the ”social evil”, which they claim is hitting their respective communities hard.

Both Hindu and Christian girls are falling prey to the design. So we are cooperating with the VHP on tackling this. We will work together to whatever extent possible,” K S Samson, an office-bearer of Kochi-based Christian Association for Social Action (CASA), a voluntary Christian association, told TOI.

Economic Times Dec 10, 2009.
Kerala HC asks govt to frame laws to stop ‘Love Jihad

KOCHI: The Kerala High Court on Wednesday found indications of ‘forceful’ religious conversions under the garb of ‘love’ in the state, and asked the government to consider enacting a law to prohibit such ‘deceptive’ acts. “Under the pretext of love, there cannot be any compulsive, deceptive conversion,” the court said.

Justice KT Sankaran of the Kerala High Court made this observation while dismissing the anticipatory bail applications moved by two people accused of participating in activities of ‘love jihad’, allegedly involving converting girls from other religions to Islam after enticing them to marry Muslim boys.

After perusing the case diary in ‘love jihad’ cases, justice Sankaran concluded that there were indications of forceful religious conversions.

From some of the police reports, it was clear there was a ‘concerted’ effort to convert girls of a particular religion to another with the “blessings of some outfits”, he said.

This should be of concern to people at large and government was bound to protect the fundamental rights of citizens, the court said, and asked the legislature to consider enactment of law to prohibit compulsive conversion of religious faiths. Any use of force for propagation of religion was illegal and may cause law and order problems, justice Sankaran observed.

Quoting statistics, the court said during the last four years, 3,000-4,000 religious conversions had taken place after love affairs.
Rediff – By Vicky Nanjappa in Bengaluru, on October 14, 2009.
Is ‘Love Jihad’ terror’s new mantra?

Kerala and coastal Karnataka have been witnessing a strange kind of jihad, which has even drawn the attention of a high court. This jihad has been termed as ‘love jihad’. At first, these were just random instances of conversion. Now with the Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Conference stepping in, it has taken a serious turn.

Love jihad is a concept in which a man lures a girl with love and then forces her to convert.

Reports suggest that there have been at least 4,500 such conversions in Kerala and the bordering coastal belt of Mangalore. Police officials in both Kerala and Mangalore say they are looking into complaints that the ‘love jihadis’ are part of an international syndicate or a terror wing.
Telegraph UK – reported by Dean Nelson in New Delhi, on 13 Oct 2009.
Handsome Muslim men accused of waging ‘love jihad’ in India

Christian and Hindu groups, which have themselves clashed over the sensitive issue of religious conversions, have joined forces to combat the alleged campaign.

A Hindu helpline in southern India claims it has received more than 1,500 calls from parents who fear their daughters are being lured by the group into converting to Islam.

Daijiworld – October 14, 2009
Mangalore: Eight Hindu Organisations to Protest Against ‘Love Jehad’

Mangalore, Oct 14: The Hindu Janajagruthi Samiti has organized a protest against ‘Love Jehad’ terming it the new weapon used by a certain religious group to convert girls after ensnaring them in love.

The protest will be held in front of the deputy commissioner of the district on Thursday October 15, and has the support of eight organizations.

Sanathana Samste, Dharma Shakti Sene, Nyayalayadallina Anyaya Nivarana Samiti, Hindu Yuva Sene, Yuva Shakthi, Sri Rama Sene, GSB Mahila Balaga, and Ranaragini, will support the protest.

The protest has been arranged to demand that the state government protect Hindu girls from the religious extremists, said the press release by the Samithi.
Deccan Herald, October 22nd 2009.
Karnataka to take steps to counter ‘Love Jihad’ movement

Bangalore, Oct 22 (IANS):

The Karnataka government Thursday said ‘Love Jihad’, an alleged attempt by some Muslim men to lure non-Muslim girls with promises of marriage and get them converted to Islam, appeared to be a serious issue and it would take steps to counter it.

A meeting of senior police officials will be held either Friday or Saturday to decide ways to tackle the attempts, Home Minister V.S. Acharya told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

The government has written to Kerala authorities for information on the so-called ‘Love jihad movement’ which came to public notice in that state in early September when posters warning Hindu girls against falling prey to such a movement surfaced.

The Karnataka government’s decision came a day after the state high court expressed concern over the alleged ‘Love Jihad’ attempts and directed the government to probe the matter.

Justice K. Sreedhar Rao and Justice Ravi Malimath gave the direction during hearing of a habeas corpus petition by C. Selvaraj of Chamarajnagar district, about 180 km from here, seeking production of his daughter Siljaraj.

Selvaraj said in his petition that his daughter Siljaraj was missing since August last year. He came to know that she had eloped with a Muslim youth to Kerala.

Siljaraj, who was produced in the court by Chamarajnagar police, told the judges that she had married Aksar of Kannur, Kerala, on her own and was undergoing religious training after getting converted to Islam.
India Today: By M G Radhakrishnan Trivandrum, September 4, 2012
Over 2500 women converted to Islam in Kerala since 2006, says Oommen Chandy

The shrill debate over love jihad is back again following a spate of recent incidents. On June 25, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy informed the state legislature that 2667 young women were converted to Islam in the state since 2006.

On June 27, the state high court ordered the Kozhikode City Police Commissioner on June 27 to probe an alleged case of “love jihad” in which a 20-year-old Hindu girl eloped from a hospital in Kochi with a Muslim boy after the girl’s parents filed a habeas corpus petition

Chandy gave the figures related to conversions in state legislature as a written answer to an unstarred question raised by K K Latika, a CPI(M) legislator. According to Chief Minister a total number of 7713 persons were converted to Islam during 2006-2012 as against 2803 conversions to Hinduism. Interestingly he said no statistics was available as to the number converted to Christianity during the period. Among those converted to Islam during 2009-12, as many as 2667 were young women of which 2195 were Hindus and 492 were Christians. As against this number of young women converted during 2009-12 to Christianity and Hinduism were 79 and two respectively.

The above reports tell some concerning things.
1. Courts have reviwed the petition,
2. terrorism is linked to Love Jihad,
3. police have records,
4. international involvement suspected,
5. there is a disproportionate statistics showing Hindu to Muslim path in love related conversions, and
6. Orthodox Christian groups are uniting with Hindu groups in fighting this menace which is highly unusual.

In fact, a particular website Islam-Watch had painfully tabulated the district-wise incidents of Love Jihad conversions in Kerala, as of 2009, taking excerpt from a book of Ramesh Shinde and Mohan Gowda.

Islamic watch data

In short, Love Jihad is not some “Sanghi paranoia”. It’s a well established phenomenon with books, courts, police, real life interviews, foreign fund tracking, organizational protests and importantly, terrorism probes have brought out. One can dispute the numbers or statistics, but the overall scheme is too wide, with 1000s of cases, to dismiss Love Jihad as a myth. Even though there may be some overlap with regular prostitution or crime methods, with the clear use of religion into the mix, the phenomenon becomes unique here.

Common Factors among Love Jihad Victims:

Age group of 13 to 22, is the most vulnerable for Hindu girls. It may be for all girls, but you won’t see many Muslim girls being exposed to the same dangers as the family and societal control over them is far greater. Poverty, perception of neglect from family, inability to meet her demands, overly strict restrictions on her freedom are the common settings preparing them to become victims.

Many girls fell victim without seeing that they are being approached by a well planned groups, not just some random group of strangers. The introducing Muslim girl, the gift giving rich Muslim boy, the shop keeper helping them, the net center helping them, the hotel or juice center that gives them privacy, that uncle providing flat to stay, may all be planned in advance. Watch carefully.

Very importantly, the boys trapping in Love Jihad, carefully hide their full name and full background. They rarely make the girls meet their parents, brothers or sisters. They rarely take the girls home. Their info given is usually minimal just to get closer.

Time frames: There is a sense of urgency among all the Love Jihad attempting men/boys. They don’t want to waste years trying to lure a girl. They will move on if the girl is too tough to lure.

Once the girl is trapped, sexual requests are common. This is a big red signal for any girl. Sex before marriage is becoming acceptable in many cases today, but without knowing the boy’s family fully, this is a big risk the girl would take. Many of the girls trapped were exploited via video taping of the sex acts for clear blackmailing later. In some cases, multiple boys outright raping using the blackmail was found. Sexual potency is a topic which can’t be talked in depth here, but some girls are given an illusion that they are in for great pleasure via this method.

Once sexual contact happens, with or without pregnancy, marriage becomes hard without converting to Islam. That’s found in majority of the cases. To complicate, Hindus in general are reluctant to get the girl back, who has “crossed the line”, which is totally abused by the Love Jihad methods.

For the Parents and Family:

First things first. Give your daughters good knowledge in your family customs. Whatever may be your caste, economic class or setting (rural or urban), it is important to teach them the customs of your family. Simple things like Hindu festivals, customs, dress, procedures should be made known. Don’t raise them totally alien to Bharatiya samskriti and repent later. You can be modern yet, keep the heritage alive. Those who stand for nothing, will fall for anything!

All should know this: Religious conversion of a minor in India is a punishable offense. So no question of marrying a minor after conversion. So if your minor is being trapped, straight away approach police.

If a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy under Special Marriage Act, without converting, that’s not recognized a valid marriage under Islamic law. Educate your girls of this thing. Contact lawyer for precise and expert opinion as what is written here is general information and not a legal advice.

Keep in touch with notaries at your local places. All conversions need notarized affidavits. If your or someone else’s daughter is suddenly missing, daily tracking of affidavits will help track somewhere, some day.

Keep in touch with the mobile phone recharge facilities that your daughters, sisters and wives use. That’s where majority of the Love Jihad operation starts. Know where all they leave their number like a mall’s lucky draw register to a courier service paper when they sign to take a courier.

Love Jihad is an organized method. It’s not some romantic case ending in a religious conversion into Islam by “fluke”. There are 1000s of case studies and dozens of very similar overlapping conclusions that you can draw from each case. Even big name politicians are speaking openly in press about Love Jihad. The latest example being KS Eashwarappa who spoke about Love Jihad in Shivamogga, Karnataka. In summary, it is an organized attempt to “sow the seed of Islam in the womb of non Muslim girls (read as Hindu in majority of the cases)”. One famous advocate familiar with the Love Jihad method even claimed that after a training is given to the Muslim boys to indulge in Love Jihad, they are made to take a oath to spread Islam via this method.

Police may not cooperate outright, as they might be overly sensitive in issues involving Minorities in many states. Politics does play a big role in the freedom of police in India. Some politicians will even term the use of Love Jihad as hate against Muslims, but they won’t be there if your family’s girl lands up in the same place as Ayesha who recently got arrested for aiding (being forced to, allegedly) terrorists, or commits suicide like Pratibha Prabhakaran in Kerala in 2005.

Live in together is not illegal in India per the latest Supreme Court decision. So there is not much you can do if your daughter is over 18. So start early in educating them. If they do wish to seek physical relationship before marriage, as a choice, at least they must know the need for equal footing from the boy’s side. Converting religion later will defeat the whole purpose of being “progressive” in outlook.

Tell them that marrying a boy of different caste among Hindus is far different from marrying a Muslim boy, due to the sheer number of legal differences. Refer to earlier sections to know the differences, of contact a qualified lawyer. Many fall into the “Sarva Dharma Samabhava” or “Jatyaatita” trap, without realizing that the same trap produced some of the biggest tyrants India has seen like Aurangzeb. Many of the Mughal queens were Hindus before, but their future generations turned out to be blatantly anti Hindu. No need to hate any religion or group, but it is worth knowing that there is a huge cultural difference. If love is so simple, 1000s of Muslims would have converted to Hinduism right now, for marriage sake. It does not happen in majority of the cases, telling us that there is a one-way street invovled here. Secularism is good on the paper, but when one loses a girl to an entirely different culture which allows four marriages per boy, it won’t help much. No girl wants to have potentially three other girls sharing her husband, that too legally. And, there is the topic of cow meat always, which we won’t get into here.

Don’t give total freedom to a young girl, without proper supervision. It’s OK to keep a good track of their movements, friends circle, their needs and their emotions. If there is a serious change, take action. Know that law will help you if there is a case of force or fraud being done on your girl.

Don’t be overconfident that your daughter or girl from the family is knowing everything. Don’t let ego burst a happy family’s future.

Help others if you see another family having a victim.

Bring back the girl, if there’s a chance. Giver her support. Don’t shun just because she made a mistake.

For the Hindu girls:

For centuries Hindu culture has given importance to virginity being a great wedding gift to lawfully married husband. Try to stick to that even in 21st century. Quick pleasure seeking under “modern” outlook, without knowing legal consequences of another religion, can be severly hampering for you career.

It does not matter how religious you are. Every religion person is proud of their religion. Be proud of your Hindu heritage and culture. It’s a culture that has always accepted others over millenia, absorbing them into its fold. It never imposed itself on others. It has tried to reform when rigidity resulted in internal discrimination. Why should someone impose his religion on you, just because you love him?

Know your weak points. Know what can trap you into dangerous relationships – Costly gifts, necklace, mobile, digital tablet, cosmetics, dresses, a fancy trip, nice hotel etc. They can all be bought yourself in the long run, and they are not worth the risk with life. Remember, our society sees a marriage as an alliance between two families and even two communities as a whole. Not just a man or woman relationship. So understand the bigger picture.

Ask yourself: If Love is blind and pure, why is there a need to change the religion? You will realize soon, that behind the disguised Prema, there is only Kama and inclination to convert out of your Dharma. Would you be able to convince the lover to change to your religion? If not, why? Would both of you leave respective religions and live happily ever after as irreligious? Will he agree? Have you read real life stories of girls who tried that method and failed miserably?

Most importantly, know that your children can’t have your family tradition and culture, if you convert to an alien religon that did not originate in India. This may sound like intolerance, but if you carefully study the applicable laws of other religions, you will know why this is so practical. Remember when Aamir Khan said publicly. My wives might be Hindus, but my children will always be Muslims. Do you think such statement by an icon was progressive? That’s what happens in most cases, and that’s what is happening for centuries. If you are OK with this, then that’s your choice, but in general the society tries to keep its culture and heritage alive through generations. Inter-religious marriage is a very delicate topic and jump into it only if you fully understand the risks.

Learn self defence martial arts if possible. Keeping yourself fit and strong helps to ward off any physical intimidation. Also, be very careful with sudden friendly nature from anyone in general. Take your time. No organized crime syndicate can trap you if you don’t fall quickly. They won’t waste time on you for months or years. This is not just for Love Jihad topic but will help in any case.

Help other girls if you see them becoming victims or being victims. Take full help of law. Educate people of Love Jihad if you read till here.

Know that an inter-caste marriage within Hindu fold is far different from inter-religious marriage. If a Kuruba marries a lingayat, if a Vaishya marries a Scheduled caste, if a Bunt marries a Brahmin, those are all not involving an entire different set of laws such as Muslim personal law derived from Sharia. Those are all one man one woman marriage laws, with no chance for a second marriage legally, when one marriage is in place. They all will have the same divorce, inhertence, adoption and other important clauses. But marrying a different religion person is more complicated legally. Learn and then decide.

Know this. If you are trapped in an organized crime network like Terrorism, you will have no way out. Read about Ayesha who was trapped by Pakistani networks, and exposed just last month with probe going on now. A victim could become an anti-Indian vehicle for terrorism, which is the last thing a girl thinks when she falls in love with a boy.


Rehabilitation is the most important thing without which, Love Jihad will keep continuing. Give the girl a second chance if she made a mistake. If nothing, get her back to family. Let her forget a bad episode. Support her financially, emotionally and physically. Give her contacts of Karnataka Arya Pratinidhi Sabha (080-26626380 or 0824-244-6933) or Shuddhikarana Samparka (0825-728503 or 94481-72503). They can guide further on home coming if the girl is already converted by force or intuition.

Be knowledgable, be safe. Good luck and Peace!


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