Mohanlal’s Unethical Display of Army Uniform Leaves Indian Army Peeved

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 | by

Malayalam superstar Mohanlal is under heavy scanner from the Indian army for misusing his defence uniform. Also with the raid by IT department, the question looms large- “Will Mohanlal be stripped off his army uniform?” If the matter is to be taken up, Mohanlal can be prosecuted for fraud or identity theft, under IPC 419.
One among the first to question the integrity of Mohanlal sporting the uniform and sending a request to AK Antony regarding the stripping of the army uniform is veteran Malayalam writer, Professor Sukumar Azhikode.
Mohanlal who has been making appearances in army uniform, decked with medals has been projected as a 1971 war hero. Brigadier CP Joshi, who was on a trip to Ooty was one among the first to notice the advertsement. “I was appalled to see a man who has been honoured by the Indian Army pull off something this cheap, putting on medals he clearly does not deserve. How can he claim that he took part in the 1971 war, or is qualified to make parachute jumps, or is a NSG commando,” said the Brigadier furiously. “We live and die for it. How can somebody so cynically use it for commercial gain?”
Even though Mohanlal was given the post of an honorary officer in India’s Territorial Army by the Defence Ministry in 2009, he was bound by stringent rules and regulations against misuse or misrepresent the army uniform.

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