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green teaOriginated in China but widely used throughout Asia and in the West, green tea has come a long way. Made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis (a species of plant) green tea undergoes minimal oxidation and is extensively  used in various beverages, health foods and even in  cosmetics.Though a number of studies have done regarding the merits and demerits of drinking green tea, it is proved time and again that green tea drinkers have an edge over black tea drinkers.

According to a book, “Green Tea and Beyond” published by a world-famous scientist Stephen Hsu (Medical College of Georgia), Asians have less chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, mouth, colon and prostate cancer, obesity and high blood pressure. The book mentions about various antioxidant and healing properties of green tea and emphasizes how this beverage is an integral part of the Asian culture.

Some of the health benefits of green tea are given here:

Lower risk of developing heart disease: Researchers have proved that people who drink green tea on regular basis are at lower risk of death from heart stroke and any coronary artery disease.

Weight loss: In some studies, it is observed that a green tea extract containing polyphenols (natural group of phenols also known as flavonoids) stimulates fat oxidation and boost the metabolic rate by 4 percent.

Slows down aging: Due to presence of high level antioxidants content, green tea nourishes skin by preventing it against the damage done by free radicals (unstable molecules) which accelerate aging. And the antioxidant properties of green tea stop premature aging.

Useful in arthritis, tooth decay, cold and flu: One of the studies has revealed that anti-inflammatory properties of green tea cure arthritis as well. And even daily intake of green tea prevents tooth decay and increase the immunity of body against cold and flu too.

Skin and eyes care: Green tea is highly effective as an herb and can heal bruises and cuts. It can be used as a skin tonic too. Immerse a small amount of green tea in water for an hour and then strain it and preserve it in refrigerator. You may clean up your face or else soak cotton pads and place over your tired eyes.

Act as a conditioner: According to experts of Tufts University, green tea has high quantity of antioxidants and have panthenol which is mostly used in conditioners and makes hair soft and strong. Apply green tea on wet hair and leave it for three minutes and then rinse it off. It will make your hair strong and lustrous.

Reduces dandruff and cures psoriasis: In an experiment done on mice, Dr.Stephen Hsu and his team in 2007 found that the application of polyphenols of green tea reduced flaky skin and green tea may be effective in curing scalp related problems like psoriasis.

A number of researches have already proved the countless health and skin benefits of green tea, and it will not be surprising if many more revelations about the merits of this wonderful and soothing drink get established in the coming days. So what are you waiting for? Just go green and grab a cup of highly enriching and effective green tea.

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