How to get a flawless skin at home?

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flawless-skinHaving a flawless skin need not be a distant dream. With a little efforts and by maintaining proper hygiene one can have a skin which makes one proud of. And remember although visits to beauty parlors and spas can help you to have an instant glow on your face, it is just a momentary effect.

To look good is not an easy task at all. A pinch of foundation, concealer and instant fair creams can hide your blemishes very well but do these cosmetics offer long term benefits.

Then how is it possible to maintain the youthfulness and glow of the skin while avoiding expensive parlor visits?

The answer is by following a regular skin care routine, anyone whether a teenager, an adult, woman or even men can have a healthy and radiant skin.

We know even an iron bar, kept unused for long time, gathers rust, and it needs oiling. Similarly, to have a healthy skin, it is essential to sweat a lot. One needs 10-15 minutes of daily workout for this.

The more you perspire the more skin will breathe. And the reason why steam is given before

any facial is just to open up the pores of the skin.

Now when the pores are open, dirt can easily enter into the skin. To avoid that one needs to wash the face, using a mild face wash, rather than a soap bar.

A homemade face wash can be made by adding a little bit of water to sodium bicarbonate and apply it onto your face in gentle circular motions or else add sugar to a peel of lemon and rub all over the face. It will refresh your skin and make it blemish free as well.

Now the outer dirt and grease is removed but below the skin surface there are dead cells which needs to be regenerated and it is time to exfoliate your skin. .  Aloe Vera gel can be is an excellent exfoliator for all skin types. No need to buy those expensive chemicals enriched scrubs just plant Aloe Vera at home and avail long term skin benefits from its wonder gel. Just add honey, powdered oats to this aloe vera gel and do gentle massage on your face. This scrub not only soothes your skin but will remove all the dead cells by leaving your skin soft and supple. Even it is very useful for tanned and acne prone skin.

Now it is time to make your rejuvenated skin a lustrous one. Curd and gram flour (besan) are two beauty ingredients which are easily available in everyone’s household. For dry skin use a paste of condensed milk, gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and honey. Let it be on your face for 5-6 minutes and then wash it off.

People having oily skin can use curd, gram flour, turmeric and rose water. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water. And the ones who have combination skin can apply tomato pulp, gram flour, and curd and turmeric mixture. Let it be there for some time and wash off. This face mask will lighten your skin tone too.

Now it is to turn to moisturize your skin. Though a good moisturizer meeting all your skin requirements can be picked from the market but in case a homemade moisturizer can nourish your skin as well. Mix a table spoon of honey, coconut oil and lime juice into a cream of your choice and apply.

A proper skin regimen followed up with healthy eating habits can do wonders for all. So just do it!!

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