Local Muslims Threat Leads to Mass Exodus by NE Workers from Bangalore, Hyderabad

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 | by

The woes of citizens from Assam and North East seem to have no end, with the the latest being death threats issued to migrant workers living in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune etc. Following death threats from the Muslim community, as many as 70% of migrant workers are reported to have left Hyderabad.  Bangalore too follows suit, with workers having been given a deadline of 20 August in leaving the city. However, following support and full fledged assurance from the Karnataka government and Hindu organizations, a general calm prevails in Karnataka.

Home Minister of Karnataka at Bangalore Central Station

The Bangalore Railway station was flooded with hundreds of youth from North East, who were rushing to return to their homeland. However, state Home Minister arrived at the spot promptly and brought the situation under control. BJP central leadership has directed the Karnataka government to swing into action immediately and convince students from North East not to leave the state.

Recently, Hindu family hailing from Assam has been forced to leave Bangalore before Ramzan, owing to threats from local muslims. The couple were living in Chalagatta, near Old Airport road. Members of Hindu organisations rushed to the spot as soon as they received the news. But the family had already left the place by then. An activist of a Hindu organisation said that the working class people have no contacts, which makes it impossible to trace them. “They are without a network or contacts here. They couldn’t trace or contact them to offer security or get more details,” said the person connected to the Hindu organization.

The threats issued in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka allegedly state that those hailing from the North East must leave the city within 20 August. A young professional at an MNC hailing from Dhemaji district, Assam even reported that a co-worker was attacked with sharp weapons by miscreants in Jigani, Bangalore. The victim is supposed to have been injured in 4 spots and has been admitted to a city hospital. ”We have not able to book train tickets so far. But, we are thinking of leaving the city before the deadline comes even without tickets. We don’t want to risk our lives here”, he added. Also 4 youths are reportedly missing and 3 women hailing from the North East faced attacks from goons, within the city.

Migrant workers from Assam numbering over 3000, who dwell in Hyderabad have also been gripped by panic, following death threats . These workers have been settled in the city for over a decade in areas like Siddique Nagar and Anjaiah Nagar in Hi-Tec City, taking up jobs as security guards, housekeeping staff etc at the various IT firms dotting Hi-Tec City of Hyderabad. Many of them left in a rush for Assam last week, leaving behind their belongings.

Reports from locals confirm the situation. Local residents have stated that over a hundred of houses have been deserted. This has affected local security agencies which have had a major chunk of security workers from Assam. ”A lot of my friends have left in the last two days in panic. I tried to stop them but they kept saying they were being targeted and that their families back home were asking them to come back,” said Rajan Saki. He hails from Assam and has a security agency in Hyderabad.

“We have a complaint from the Assamese community that they were threatened. We are in the process of identifying who threatened them and investigating the matter. We have asked the community members to approach the police if there is any problem. We are also trying to identify the total number of people who have left for Assam,” said D Tirumala Rao, police commissioner, Cyberabad.

The Madhapur police have posted a picket at Siddique Nagar, with regular and constant patrolling of the two bastis at Siddique Nagar and Anjaiah Nagar. Patrolling is stringent at night too. Police said they are doing their best to assure safety. They have passed contact numbers of police officials, in case of emergency.

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16 Responses to Local Muslims Threat Leads to Mass Exodus by NE Workers from Bangalore, Hyderabad

  1. dibs

    Unsafe India -lawlessness ..China should conquer it for the larger interest of the safety & security of Indian citizen else moula, jihadi will kill everyone.

  2. Subham Sen

    For sake of Bangladeshi infiltrators some muslims are threatening their own country men , it is very sad and this can lead to bigger riot in India if it is not addressed now.But in the regime of Congress this is only expected

  3. Bhanu

    Ye log kab hi hamare nahi ho sakte,,sala gandhi chala gya mager enn kutto ko Hamada aman aur chan kharab karney ki leye chord gya ,,,aur ab khangress vote bank politics kar kaey enn do codi ki mussalmano ko har najayas kam mai support kar rahi hai .

  4. MNB4591

    It is all foreseeable incidents and any sane Indian with vision towards future can ss the future.People with strong bondage with religion are bound to sacrifice their duties to country and countrymen simply coz God has ordered to do them their duties to their brothers and sisters of same religion.This is the fact and ground reality.People may differ and show their resentments but it cann’t be untruth.There is nothing strange in the behaviour of these people who give priority to Bangladesi immigrants than their own countrymen.It is coz religion plays a greater role than patriotic duties.The same is true for all religions.Hindus have shown so much of sympathy towards suffering Tamilians and towards Tibetans.Our Central Government is completely incompetent to take a strong stand in this issue and not able to remove these illegal migrants. Citizens must suffer coz they are responsible for bringing this Government to power.So people always get what they deserve.At this point, we can only raise awareness and press the Government to take actions.We need a dynamic Prime Minister like Narendra Modi, who can solve this problem in 2-3years by his committment to India and India’s interest forgetting vote bank politics. Our country is probably not ready to accept him, hence we must continue to suffer until we understand what is in our interest and wgat is against our interest.

  5. Ashwin G Kumar

    I have only one question for those Muslims who talks abt Peace..!!! Where the bloody hell you assholes are now…???
    You Chuthiyas, listen…!! I wasn’t a religious kinda person 3 months back..But Off-late you filthy Muslims have turned me like this…!! Dont think i am reacting bcz u guys came on me or my people, I m
    not an Assamee n i was livin in a very safest place but not anymore. I m ready to move to battle feild. I will not sit quite until i clear every bastards like you from my country.Take my word, I AM IN A WAR..!! you guys are 100,, Fuck off, i dont care n not afraid to die but i will take atleast 10 of ur Bastards along with me..
    Thereafter atleast my so called secular Coward Hindu Brothers wud wake up seein my sacrifise….n remember you bastards, once that revolution happens na…!! KAATNA KISE KEHTHE HAI…HUM, TUM SUVAARON KO DIKAYENGE…… It wud hardly take a round clock for 82 Crores of Hindus to ERASE 20 Crore of you Filthy Muslim Bastards from India. We Trusted you n you always showed your “Islamic Jaaath” color by betrayin our Trust..!! But not anymore, But Not anymore….!!! This is my vow… JAI HIND

  6. North East Head Hunter

    We are North East Mizoram, we are head hunters from our fore father. If any mizos got killed or laid hand my this muslims, we won’t just sit..And they to must know that tjhey are so many muslims in NE part of india.. If one mizos got hand or killed, on 20th
    Ramzan they will too suffer.. We understand them and let them rent our house as they too are indian but if things gonna go like this, we will send their head as we are head hunters.. We are still guide by our fore fathers so if police can’t stop and makes NE people like this, NE muslims will also got what they deserve.. And All NE are united together we will go till the end.. Maharastha DGP is Mizos and he too will quick makes memorandum PS HT sangliana whom they looked as their god is there too.. if things got worse we know ho to make it more worst! Becareful Our Indian people We are Indian i think we should stay strong together not like this.. Mizos & Nagas dont do any harm to any muslims or hindus or any religions race why u lend us a hand on your own cilvil problem. We beg u juz once.. after 20th your
    Ramzan if any NE people died remember I’will be the first one to burn the muslim mosque.. and I feel so sori for that Nepali student who got rape and killed.. we will pray for you but u know physically we too are angry now..

  7. Geto Ori

    Certainly there was/is ethnic riots in Assam but should not give the colour of religious sentiment here. We (Arunachalee) become sandwich here again – neither we belong from Assam nor we follow both sects of religions i.e Hindu, Muslim even Buddhism. It was our curse that we became the part of mighty India. Hmmmmm!!!! who will understand us. Oh!!!almighty Donyi Polo!!!!

  8. viking


  9. viking

    if any hindu person had done anything like this congress n media would directly say these pple are associated with hindu organisation n bla bla bla.. bt now nobody is taking name of this muslims… all are biased..

  10. KUKI Head hunters

    We are with you Bro, If any Northeastern is hurt after 20th Muslim in Manipur will suffer too……KUKI Head hunters from Manipur

  11. Sriram

    Friend i fought single handedly with many time – the Hindus brothers don’t come and help me say we all are praying – we have to unite fight the invaders.

  12. Frustrated Indian

    At least now will all the hindus vote for a single majority party like BJP? There shouldnt be any logic. Just vote for BJP unconditionally.

  13. Indian

    Great!!! who says we need some Chinese or Pakistanis to bring India down?? we hv our own brothers to serve them. all we need is a few outsider to instigate us and get our fingers pointed towards each others, n then we have so many head hunters among ourselves ready to hunt down the heads of their brothers.
    Before doing any such thing, please do keep in mind that its not the muslims livin by your house or in your state who has killed our NE brothers. Infact they are also as much a part of NE as you and I are. Infact this is what those killers wanted. That we start fighting against in the name of religion and region. Infact, don’t be surprised if these attackers are no muslims at all, coz their actual motto was not to support Islam but to make the heart of India bleed by spreading riots. So if you really want to hurt them then please make sure not to fall in their trap and shed the blood of your brothers.
    Also please spread the message as much as possible. we will stand together hand in hand, the entire nation will. But not against hindus or muslims or NE. We will stand against the illegal infiltnts and the miscreants who are trying to make us fight against our own brothers.
    And this we includes each and every Indian!!!

  14. rahul

    Please North Eastern Indian Brothers do not Feel so We the Indians Are Committed for Brotherhood

    there International Anti-Indian Forces Acting Behind this .. Please North Eastern Brothers and Sisters Come Forward and Raise your Voice against this Injustice ….

  15. Kaushal

    Hi Geto Oro,

    Hinduism is not a exclusivistic creed (unlike many other religions which
    differentiate between a believer and a non believer in a particular
    God). All it needs is a belief in a higher power, commitment to
    righteousness (and stand up for it) and to the fundamental brotherhood
    of all human beings regardless of creed or belief. In Bhagvat Gita God
    himself has said that whenever a devotee worships me with a pure heart
    in any form, i will appear in the very same form to him and bless
    him/her since he is dear to me. So you do not have to give up any belief
    and accept any new one (except the above simple ones) to be a Hindu.
    One of the reasons why Hinduism has so many gods is that the supreme god
    does not differentiate between people based on which form they worship

    India is as much yours as mine and it is upto us to take in any
    direction we want to take it. You did not join India, you formed India :-) as did our NE brothers.

  16. Narendra Prabhat

    go ahead n hunt them….u r known 4 ur bravery n face 2 face combat..lay ur wrath on them

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