Mumbai 2012 August Riots: What Happened?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 | by

Yes, we will tell you what exactly happened. But before that, whatever happened in Mumbai was nothing but the latest episode of shameless “secularism” practiced in India. Majority of those who gathered there thanks to “peaceful” Sufi organization, Raza Academy, had no clue what happened in Myanmar or Asom. We bet 95% wouldn’t have a clue where Kokrajhar district is in Asom.

It was a display of pure rage, fanned by mullahs and speakers on stage, who might have used photo-shopped “atrocities” against Muslims. This whole cycle of manufacturing “outrage”, destroying Indian property, playing victim, manufacturing a “revenge” outrage just continues.. keeps on continuing, unfortunately.

Let us give some sequence of what happened:

1) What happened over the years, and what specifically happened in Asom 2012 is already well documented in my previous column: Bangladeshi Infiltration and 2012 Asom Riots - The dirty politics of importing “secular” voters.

2) Before Mumbai, there was a systematic ‘outrage’ manufactured for days. Asaduddin Owaisi, a partner of India’s ruling Congress party, even went to the extent of threatening “radicalization” of youth right in the parliament last week. (Read: Phone calls were traced from Asom’s political elements to Kerala’s Muslim organization to fan out trouble.

3) Maharashtra was the focus. If you create trouble in Mumbai, then the whole country watches you.

They started with Pune as warmup. Went door to door searching for North East students to be beaten up.

4) Then the D-day came. Parliament “warning” was delivered. Warm up was done. Enough photo shopped “outrage” was manufactured. The outrage manufactures did not even tell the mob being assembled that Myanmar’s riots were due to Muslims raping a Buddhist girl!

Then Mumbai bore the brunt of “secular” outrage. Well planned with hammers, inflammable liquids, hockey sticks, rods, cricket stumps and much more, in a “peaceful” demonstration at Azad Maidan.

The familiar “secular” rage boys on street… during the Holy Ramzaan period :(

Condition of Private Vehicles:

Public and Media property Destroyed, by green flag waving goons:

Sufi Muslim organization sponsored faces of “peace: Some were rowdy sheeters. Some even went on molesting female cops, not to mention 150+ rounds of bullets are still missing at the time of writing this.

And if you have a dozen minutes to learn everything that happened, thanks to the ghettoized votebank politics of India, watch this. You will learn about the preparation with Allahu-Akbar chants when trains carry the rioters, ‘rage’ at target places and the end result of deaths/destruction.
Uncensored full coverage which most media houses would not bring to you. The most surprising part is that you might not be able to spot even one Indian national flag, when over 50000 “Indian” protestors assembled, in the financial capital of India!

[youtube] [/youtube]

Is this where “secularism” has brought India to? Mindless violence in broad day light, without understanding the basics what happened elsewhere, and most importantly destroying local public property?

Very sad.


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6 Responses to Mumbai 2012 August Riots: What Happened?

  1. ganguli

    if you see the videos many muslim youths were capturing the proud rioting moments on their mobile.

  2. veeru789

    These stories need to be told in main stream media (MSM). unfortunately, MSM is busy playing congress tune. If they start showing all this on news channels then they run the risk of uniting hindu vote bank and BJP will benifit. if BJP comes to power no more pay cheques for media. The biggest problem today is Media and how they conduct them selfs as “Sick”ulars.

  3. straighthindu

    in ramlila maidan police used lathis against sleeping “protesters”. but police person in charge of #CSt (protest wasled by raza academy) accepted in media that police had to control themselves else holocaust /100of death could have happened.

    POINT TO BE NOTED:::: even when close to 50 police men were injured,arms taken away from police,women police officers molested,POLICE DID NOT FIGHTBACK.

    AS SAID BY PERSON IN CHARGE,POLICE CONTROLLED THEMSELVES..WHY DID HE CONTROL THEMSELVES .IS IT BECAUSE RIOTERS WERE VIOLENT? is this what police person mean when they say we had to control ourselves else 100 of death could have happened.>>>more violent the “secular “rioters are,lesser the fightback by police.?


    moral for secular rioters>>>violent and “secular “rioters would not be treated harshly even if policemen are beaten,women police officers are molested,arms of police are taken away,media vans burnt.

  4. Passerby

    Hi Kiran
    Very good article ..
    Just have one comment tho …… I dont think the riot was entirely instigated by fake Pictures , SMS’es Facebook etc …

    if you notice, there are lot of small children gleefully stoning trains , firetrucks etc ..

    The cause was something more sinister … people are not indian concious, but religious fanatics ….

    Actually the problem is much deeper than we think.

  5. Pranab

    Hi Kiran-Good article for someone who has stayed in Hyderabad all thru my life I did not find the whole thing one bit surprising!! I have seen the Indian flag being burnt and fire crackers being burnt whenever India lost a match.. But I believe the problem is not just of radicalization but of a deep sense of dis trust between the two communities which has been promoted by the secular class!!

  6. Imtiaz

    We should shoot all the bastards.Those guys are doing all this in the month of pak Ramadan. Inke ramzan ka koye matlab nahi. They are not religious.

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