Non-Hindus Must Declare their Faith Before Entering Tirumala Shrine

Friday, August 10th, 2012 | by

Temple officials of Tirumala shrine has declared that it is mandatory for non-Hindus who enter the temple, to declare a statement of faith. Those who are from any faith other than Hinduism, must state that they have faith in the presiding deity Lord Venkateswar. The rule will come into effect from 13 August.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams manages the shrine, which is over 2,000-year-old. It will now be mandatory for non-Hindu devotees, including VIPs, to sign the declaration forms. “Non-Hindus have to give the undertaking that they have faith in Lord Venkateswara,” said temple officials.

The declaration form will be  available in  TTD offices.


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2 Responses to Non-Hindus Must Declare their Faith Before Entering Tirumala Shrine

  1. Anti Idol worshipper Hindu

    I think temples are sight seeing only, why should a person declares that he has faith on stone god.

  2. Rajpurohit

    Why you use a name like “Anti Idol worshipper Hindu” while you are not an Hindu and you are against Hinduism.
    Use your name.
    Don’t try to be oversmart.
    faith on Stone
    no hindu has faith on stone.
    they have faith on God and use God’s PRATIMA to pray.

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