Study on ‘Effects of Radiation from Mobile Towers’ by ICMR, Report to be Submitted Soon

Monday, August 6th, 2012 | by

A study on the adverse effects of Radio Frequency Radiation which is being emitted by cell phones and relay towers of mobile service providers will be conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research. This will be done in Delhi and the National Capital Territory. The plan to conduct the study comes following a directive from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The details of the intended study was submitted by the ICMR in a report to the ministry. In a recent move, the Delhi High Court had directed both Centre and the State of Delhi to ban high frequency mobile phone towers in residential areas, in wake of health hazards arising from the same.

The initiative was taken by the ministry following a petition filed before the National Human Rights Commission. The grievance highlights the government’s failure in protecting the health of citizens who stay in close proximity to mobile towers.

The petitioner had alleged that studies conducted in foreign countries reveal that even low levels of radiation result in damage to cell tissues and human DNA. He has argued that the study conducted in foreign countries show that the radiation results in various forms of cancer, brain tumour, mental depression, suppressed immune function, miscarriage in pregnant women, Alzheimer’s disease and a whole range of serious illnesses. In the wake of these alarming issues the petitioner has sought the NHRC’s directive to the Centre Ministry for constituting a panel that will study health and environmental hazards supposed to be arise from mobile tower radiation.

The directive issued by the Delhi HC came following a petition filed by Ramnath Garg. He lost his 30-year-old son to cancer, allegedly caused by radiation from mobile towers. He sought a ban on the erecting of high frequency mobile towers in a radius of 50-metres of hospitals, schools and residential areas. The directive was issued by Justice Rajiv Shakdher. A response regarding the matter has also been sought from the Department of Telecommunications, Chief Secretary of Delhi government and one of the leading mobile service providers by 14 January, 2013.

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