Political Anna: Are People Really Happy?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 | by

Anna Hazare announced today that his fast would end tomorrow at 5.00pm. He also announced the formation of a political party. He has stated that he will not join the political arena, but will support political alternatives from outside. “If a political party needs to be formed to bring change in the country, then so be it,” he said.

But how have the people taken it? A cross section of views from Twitter, the social networking site:

  • Tushar A. Gandhi : Tomorrow at 5 pm at Jantar Mantar the people of India will once again be betrayed.
  • Manasa Mahathi ‏: Anna Hazare to join politics.My sources tell me that he is ready to support Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan’s Lok Satta party in the South!
  •  Priti Gandhi : Baba Ramdev is 1 person who can make Anna Hazare join hands with the BJP! This Killer Combination can lead the nation from darkness to light!
  • Pawan Durani : Five days back the statement by Anna Hazare was “Not launching political party ” Like politicians he changed
  • Avinash Bhat: TeamAnna party will ban alochol. Offenders will be belted in public. AnnaHazare will ensue that. VijayMallya will be forced to sell milk
  • Joy@Joydas : Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare together can form Baba + Anna = Banna Party or Banana Party
  • Gopinath Mavinkurve ‏: Anna Hazare offers us a new oxymoron: Anti-Corruption political party!
  • Ramesh: Anna Hazare must disclose why he & his Team Anna prefers steel glass. I think his Janlokpal is as transparent as steel.
  • viveik mishra : Wooohooo! Anna hazare to form a poltical party! So the curtain is raised! Waaah so called selfless Anna Team! U r the most corrupt!
  • M.L.Bharat ‏: I guess 75% of the Indian voters admire Anna hazare not “Anna team” .
  • Viju Cherian : With Anna Hazare eying politics, all I can say is: The band of ‘leaders’ just got a new member.
  • sanjay vyas ‏: Anna hazare’s political party is like indian national football team against the heavyweights
  • S R MOHANDAS MENON : Anna Hazare decides to enter politics so that he can learn how corruption is done!! What a pity!  Anna hazare’s fight against corruption is ineffective due to so many to direct the movement. Now entering politics.to get corrupted!.
  • Naman Joshi: Anna Hazare’s support base wanted revolution. Complete and sudden overhaul. By stopping, he’s alienated his own hardliners.
  • Tejinder Gagan ‏: So ultimately the utterly confused and directionless gameplan of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev is over.Its a sigh of relief.
  • Deepak V Doddamani : Even my 7 yr Old Nephew can tell ‘Formation of Political Party by Team Anna will be End of Janlokpal Aandolan and Anna Hazare era.’

“I will not launch or join a party. People should decide who should be given tickets and how to achieve that alternative system.” says Anna. But aren’t people beginning to lose faith?

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  1. Gsganguli

    The comments written by many of these people say a lot.-
     None of them (Most) of them have never been an activist in their life.

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