Train Fire Tragedy: Mystery Shrouds Cause of Blaze

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 | by

Officials from the Fire Department are maintaining their their stand on their report regarding the mysterious fire which gutted the S11 coach of Tamil Nadu Express on Monday. According to officials, no trace of kerosene was found from the spot. This stands contradictory to the report submitted by the Railway Department, which maintains that traces of kerosene was found, invariably linking the episode to a sabotage.

“Neither did we find traces of kerosene nor smell it soon after our fire-fighters entered the compartment. Our personnel entered the compartment moments after the fire-fighting operation concluded around 5.30 am,” said Nellore District Fire Officer G Srinivasulu. According to him, railway officials reached the spot only after the fire fighters reaching there.

Other details of the report also state that 2 out of the 4 doors of the compartment were closed. It also states that inspite of the train maintaining a speed of over 110 km per hour, the fire did not spread to other compartments. According to officials, seats between no. 50 and 60 stand extensively damaged, which makes it possible that the fire originated from there. Officials have said that the extent to which the seats are damaged lends credence to the theory that the fire could have originated from there.

Senior officials of the fire department have called for an indepth probe into the reasons behind the tragedy.  “Charred and twisted bodies were lying around these seats. This clearly indicates that fire might have emanated from seat numbers 50 to 60,” they said.

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