Violence at Maruti’s Manesar Plant: 1 Dead, 40 Injured, 87 Arrested

Thursday, July 19th, 2012 | by

The clash between agitating workers of Maruti’s Manesar plant and the managerial staff has left 1 person dead and 47 people injured. Police have arrested 87 people for inciting violence. Reports state that those arrested have been charged with attempt to murder, inflicting grievous injuries and rioting. Investigating officials have taken in CCTV footage for evidence. Sources have also stated that no production work will be carried out in the plant today.

According to company reports, violence broke out as a worker beat up a supervisor. “Workers at the plant today turned violent, attacking and injuring executives and managers in the office premises. At least 40 managers and executives are injured, and have been rushed to hospital. The attackers also set fire to property and damaged facilities,” said an official statement from Maruti.

“The sequence of events began in the morning with a worker beating up a supervisor on the shop floor. The workers’ union prevented the management from taking disciplinary action against the worker,” added company officials.

However, the employees union denied the official statement, stating that it was the “objectionable remarks” made by the supervisor against the employee that triggered the spate of violence. According to them, “casteist” remarks made by the supervisor against the worker, a member of a Scheduled Caste is what has generated the aggression. “When workers protested against the supervisor’s alleged remarks, management officials misbehaved with them and suspended the worker in question,” said Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union (MSWU) general secretary Sarabjeet Singh.

Reports also state that five portions of the plant, which include a control room were set afire by the rioting mob. The person who died is supposed to have died of burns.

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