Dawood Ibrahim has Stakes in Indian Ship Disbanding Industry?

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Intelligence reports issued by the Ministry of Defence has reported that the elusive don Dawood Ibrahim and his associates have major stakes in the multimillion-dollar Indian ship-breaking industry. The report cites the ivolvement of Pakistani nationals with the London and UAE based D-Company having major stakes, investing crores of rupees in the environmentally hazardous industry that is basd in Alang, Gujarat. The reports state how deals are fixed by Pakistani nationals through hard cash, ofcourse with the help of corrupt local officials. 

In a news piece that appeared in TOI, intelligence reports have revealed that men from the D-Company smuggle contraband, arms and explosives. They are aided by foreign agents during the ship dismantling operations. Deals are funded through money laundering, with end-of-life vessels arriving at Gujarat’s ship breaking yard disappearing from anchorage in a short while after embarking. 

Intelligence agencies are said to have briefed an inter-ministerial committee in Delhi in February 2012. The meeting discussed the forging of Dawood and his aides into the ship  industry, the looming threat of securty breach etc. This was disclosed by sources associated with the directorate of naval intelligence.

“The current system, which permits a free run to vessels carrying dismantling permits, has allowed entry to criminals. The system has to be regulated and every vessel should be thoroughly checked by the navy,” stated a senior naval officer. “MoD clearances have to be made mandatory for the entry of vessels for dismantling in India. At present, ships bound to Alang are permitted to anchor anywhere for emergency repairs. “People from the underworld have a large stake in Alang ship-breaking deals,” the officer added.

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2 Responses to Dawood Ibrahim has Stakes in Indian Ship Disbanding Industry?

  1. Panditji

    If Narendera Modi has right to have share, why not Dawood Ibrahim.  In fact Dawood is a person who helps indian cinema to grow.  He is labelled as disloyal because of bomb blast.  These blasts are because of Mumbai riots, this should be considered as reaction to the action of idiot Balasahab Deors and Balashab Thakrey terrorist. 

  2. Phatiammi aka Fatima

    abe cxhutiye mahomad ki ch00t chat chal randhi ke bete

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