Britain Bans Indian Mujahideen

Thursday, July 5th, 2012 | by

Indian Mujahideen, the dreaded militant group has been banned by the British Government. This means that the group has been curbed from any further operations in Britain. The announcement was made by Minister for Crime and Security James Brokenshire at the House of Commons.

Brokenshire said that the IM ”has frequently perpetrated attacks against civilian targets… with the intention of maximising casualties’. “We believe that there is ample evidence that IM is concerned in terrorism and I believe it is right that we add the organisation to the list of proscribed organisations,” he added.

Welcoming the ban, Home Office Minister Diana Johnson said that the IM was behind ”some of the most appalling acts of terrorism in recent years”.

The ban has won unanimous support with legislators casting their vote in complete favour of the proscription order. Under the Terrorism Act 2000, anyone found to be a member will be treated as an offender.

“IM wanted India to become an Islamic state, governed under Sharia law, and that the group had threatened British tourists in India,” Brokenshire further said. The IM is widely believed to be the perpetrators behind the execution of the Mumbai attacks of 2008, which left 165 people killed. The group was banned in India in June 2010.

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  1. Vaibhav

    When RSS hatemonger wants to have hindu state and RamRajya what is wrong in IM wants India to be islamic state, both the organization goals are the same and RSS also terrorists organization connected to the various blasts in India.

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