#no2JKreport: Why Twitteratti Calls for Shunning of J&K Interlocuters’ Report

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The interlocutors’ report on Jammu and Kashmir “A New Compact with the People of Jammu and Kashmir” though voluminous is alleged to have a ‘not-so-honest’ portrayal of the state’s scenario. The report seems to have inspired ample invocation of ire and indignation, not just by the neglected Kashmiri Pandits, but also the general Indian public.

A statewide protest is being organized in Bangalore on 6 July against the report.

A slice of the same from Twitter:

G Kishan Reddy, MLA@kishanreddybjp

  • Sri Salman Khurshid said Smt Sonia Gandhi cried for Batla House encounter. Will he explain what she did for Kashmiri Pandits?
  • With lakhs of Kashmiri pandits living away from home in fear, how does conscience of UPA allow them to be called ‘secular’?


  • “3 idiots” can be successful on screen not in J&K
  • The fate of 1.3 billion cant b decided by 3 handpicked jokers
  • That the only thing remaining at this juncture is to take back the parts of Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan; then.
  • That Kashmir is an inalienable part of Bharat
  • That Jammu-Kashmir has astrong cultural relationship of thousands of years with Bharat

0mar abdullah@abdullah_0mar

  • All Kashmiri Pandits belongs to India and J&K is their state. I wish my Govt would understand the pain of KPs


  • Overall the JK report be ‘interlocutors’ is nothing but lot of English,using same point repeatedly in different ways..hopeless.

utpal sheth@drutpalortho

  • JKIL CBM recommend reduction in INTRUSIVE presence of armed forces, constant review of Acts meant 2 counter militancy.
  • “JKIL CBM wants the state 2 release all stone pelters & amnesty to militants who renounce violence!” Who will guarantee 4 them?
  • JKIL believe there is broad consensus in state 2 upheld the status of A 370 to JK, reappraise its erosion & grant more powers.
  • JKIL believe that there is Broad consensus on hassle free movement of people, good & services across LOC/International Border?

 Suresh En@surnell

  • My only compelling reason to say #No2JKReport: Every inch of J&K is integral part of India & it is another State. Do I need any other reason?
  • On one hand the report says make Article 370 permanent but remove Presidential Powers to extend other laws. More Dilution now
  • This report is a terrible one.Might as well could have taken the charter frm Separatists &renamed it 4 submission.
  • 176 page of Gibberish must have taken a lot of efforts writing. Almost suggesting to write a new Constitution.


  • Will Sonia Gandhi Cry on this Anti-National Interlocutor’s Report ?


  • Interlocuters must be ISI agents in disguise

rashmi verma@rashmiverma

  • Report is out n out An Appeasement Policy on Govt’s part !

Shailendra Verma@justshailendra

  • Will Dr. Manmohan Singh tell us whether he had sleepless nights feeling the pain of Kashmiri Pandits?
  • Facilitate the return of those Kashmiris who crossed over the LOC to receive arms training

Mukesh @Mukesh7009

  • Today i m seriously thinking, if Kashmir can be expelled from the republic of india

His Highness Nishant@his_highness21

  • Its Just like Giving J&K a status of seperate Nation or merging it with PAK

Rudra Sekhar@RudraHindu

  • Implementing the report is equivalent to giving up Kashmir, hence.

The report by Dileep Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar and MM Ansari have certainly fallen miles below of the mandate. While stating numerous points in the name of a solution, it remains evident that many issues, grave ones, remain unsaid and unacknowledged. Is this called “assessing the ground situation”?

An for those of you who have not the report in its entirety, it is: “A New Compact with the People of Jammu and Kashmir“.

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