Brand ‘ #YoRahulSoDumb ‘ Jokes Back on Twitter: Compilation of 100 Jokes

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 Twitter is again bombarded with the ’YoRahulSoDumb‘ jokes, right after a refreshing hibernation. The reason? 19 May is Rahul’s birthday.

Here is an exhaustive compilation from Twitter, in lieu of the celebrations and jubilation…

  1. Nandita Thhakur: #YoRahulSoDumb is trending…Tweeples celebrating National Dumbo Day….
  2. @_SybaRITE:  Rahul Gandhi’s birthday should be celebrated as “Buddhu Poornima”
  3. anand k ‏: #YoRahulSoDumb to Antonia Maino ‘Mummy we finally beat #NaMoForPM at Twitter’
  4. Ravi Ghiyar ‏@ravighiyar :  On his b’day, once again lets remember his great fabulous achievements ;)
  5.  Jake B@Jakebinge : #YoRahulsoDumb he decides to call Sushil Modi “SUMO” as Narendra Modi is called “NaMo”
  6. Kiran Kumar S: Q to Rahul:  “How old are you sir?”. Pappu: “35″. “But you said the same 7yrs back too”. Pappu:”I always stand by what I have said”.
  7. Salman Rushdie and #YoRahulSoDumb share a birthday. One is infamous for “Satanic Verses”, while the other infamous for “Clownish Verses”.
  8.  ISI told all Jihadis that when #YoRahulSoDumb becomes the PM, they all will get 1 year paid vacation.”He can destroy India better than you!”
  9. Sandeep Web : #YoRahulSoDumb What does Rahul do when he sees a No Parking sign? A: He looks around and checks if there’s a park nearby.
  10. AKs ‏: @77  #YoRahulSoDumb Whenever there are elections, his caste automatically changes.
  11. Himanshu Sharma :  #YoRahulSoDumb Celebrates Fool’s day on his birthday instead of April 1
  12. Rushikesh Mhatre :  #YoRahulSoDumb He thought Bareily and Pirelli were brothers
  13. Gaurav Rathi ‏: #YoRahulSoDumb that he thought Mahabharath was written by B.R. Chopra.
  14. Rohit Upadhyay : Interviewer:Wat’s your fav kind f food? Rahul Gandhi: I love desi food. Interviewer: Desi food like? Rahul: Pizzas,Pastas,etc
  15. Gaurav Rathi :  #YoRahulSoDumb that when he met Sir Ben Kingsley he touched his feet and said Mahatma Gandhi ki jai.
  16. Dilip Soni ‏: Yesterday Rahul Gandhi visited a primary school. Today, school kids are playing “Are you smarter than Rahul Gandhi” game. 
  17. He actually got horse inside the AICC meeting when horsetrading was discussed to win the motion in 2008
  18. Rajesh Kumar Paidi ‏:  #YoRahulSoDumb that he thinks cocktail as the tail of a cock…
  19. Sumeet ‏@SumeetCJ :  #YoRahulSoDumb that he hired a plumber to stop wikileaks.
  20. SKS ‏@SwarupKS : #YoRahulSoDumb that when asked 2get additional white sheets of paper, he took photocopies of D white paper.
  21. LaiBhaari: #YoRahulSoDumb he arranges 123 in an alpahbetical order.
  22. #YoRahulsoDumb he actually took an umbrella to watch the movie – Barsaat.
  23. ॐ Ramesh ॐ ‏: Guess #YoRahulSoDumb ‘s fav exercise equipment —–> “Dumb”bell
  24. Raju Das : How do you keep Rahul Gandhi busy. Give him a page with ‘turn over the page’ written on both the sides..
  25. Pankaj Mani: What is the difference between UFOs and Rahul Gandhi’s views on economy? There have been reported sightings of UFOs. 
  26. As a child, RahulG climbed the glass wall to see what was on the other side!
  27. Shuvankar Mukherjee ‏: Rahul thinks GDP is a political party, keeps searching for its leader to ask why it is falling.
  28. Chhayank Mehta ‏:  How to identify Rahul Gandhi in classroom? Well he is the one who erases his notebook writings when teacher erases blackboard.
  29.  ‏@Hitlerbai: He doesn’t have twitter account cos while signing up for twitter he wrote “10, Janpath, New Delhi” As eMAIL Address.
  30. Chhayank Mehta: RahulG picks rifle & asks ‘banduk ki goli apne sar pe maru ya dushman ke sar pe’ Army said ‘In any case India wil benefit’ :)
  31. @REINSTALLINDIA: He inspired journos to confuse Saffron with Orange… just to look outstandingly smart.
  32. Pranav Baitule ‏: He makes Americans look clever.
  33. @shivsBHARAT : YoRahulSoDumb he thinks a TELE-PHONE is a phone used by television.
  34. shukla_gokaran ‏: #YoRahulSoDumb because when site say would u like to open account?? he went 4 bank account !!!!!
  35.  ‏@iNeelSoni: YoRahulSoDumb that when entered to dumb people’s contest they said: “Sorry, No professionals.”
  36. Rohit Upadhyay ‏: What does Rahul Gandhi and a beer bottle have in common? A: They’re both empty from the neck up.
  37. Q: Why does Rahul Gandhi love lightning? A: He reckons somebody is taking his photo.
  38. @Satpathgami : #YoRahulSoDumb when he search parking but found parking for handicapped only… he start dreaming its how nice to be a handicapped!
  39. Dhoni’s6 ‏: #YoRahulSoDumb you bought the same thousand white clothes.
  40. DaringDeepa ‏: Act your age not your shoe size. #YoRahulSoDumb
  41. @shivsBHARAT: #YoRahulSoDumb he thought Congress symbol was Traffic stop sign.
  42. Raul Ghandi goes to a Italian Restaurent and orders bowls of Farex for Maincourse..
  43. He bought Keys to unlock his email password!
  44. #YoRahulSoDumb i told him he lost his mind, and he went looking for it.
  45. YoRahulSoDumb that he write twitter for blackberry at the end of each tweet.”
  46. #YoRahulSoDumb he thinks NaxaLite is a brand of underwear.
  47. OhMayankGod: #YoRahulSoDumb that he took a shower and got brain washed.
  48. BOT HUA AB ‏@KyaKijiyega : YoRahulSoDumb that he gets slapped by a slapping LIE detector machine as soon as he says ‘I think..’ !!
  49. Rashmi verma ‏: #YoRahulSoDumb Added a New Room in His House B’coz His Brain Needed Room to Expand
  50. @hitlerbai : #YoRahulSoDumb asked Vidya balan after watching NoOneKilledJecissa ‘Who is NoOne?’
  51. pankaj mani ‏@impankajmani : Teacher : rahul why r u doing your math multiplication on the floor? Rahul: You told me to do it without using tables.
  52. SoniaG:I’m a proud motherr. My son is in college. MMS: What’s he studying? Sonia: He’s not studying, they are studying him!
  53. Rahul: Go and water the plants. Servant: it’s already raining. Rahul: So what? Take an umbrella and go.
  54. Why was Rahul writing the exam near the door? coz it was an entrance exam.
  55. Aditya Nagarajan ‏:  #YoRahulSoDumb you check the falling rupee and ask why is the rupee high.
  56. Pulkit Arora: #YoRahulSoDumb Rahul thinks that NDTV is owned by ND Tiwari…
  57. He sleeps in a bank as he read a board outside: “Yaha Sone Par Loan Milega”.
  58.   #YoRahulSoDumb he plants a “gulab ka ped” underneath a jamun tree so that he can get gulab jamuns…
  59. Poonam Pandey : #YoRahulSoDumb coz he think dat IPILL is an Apple product & IPAD is a sanitary napkin.
  60. Akanksha Patankar #YoRahulSoDumb he takes 30 minutes to make maggi!
  61. Jaywant Vikas Patil: #YoRahulSoDumb after RG’s enrty in politics, SRK stopped being named as Rahul is his movies.
  62. BrutalDeathMETALHEAD: #YoRahulSoDumb that when someone said that Amitabh Bachchan had so many fans, He replied he had AC.
  63. #YoRahulSoDumb that when wanted to have a life insurence, he went to theatres to meet Agent Vinod.
  64. harish kumar: He thought janlokpal is the residence of Anna Hazare just like Sonia Maino’s 10 Janpath.
  65. What is the diff between Akhilesh and Rahul? Former is 38 years old and has three kids. The latter is 42 and still a kid
  66. Yash Marathe ‏: The govt is planning to jail everyone making #YoRahulSoDumb tweets for up to 30 years… for revealing a State secret.
  67. anand k ‏: Shah Rukh Khan tells media his acting was in MNIKhan was inspired by #YoRahulSoDumb. Rahul acknowledged in return.
  68. LaiBhaari: #yorahulsodumb that he yells inside an envelope to send a voice mail.
  69. #YoRahulsoDumb that he thinks Euro & Dollar actually undergarment brands
  70. @pniraj007: #YoRahulSoDumb Teacher asks “Can you name the Great Lakes?” Rahul “I don’t need to. They’ve already been named.”
  71. Sandeep Web ‏: Q: What does Rahul do when he sees the “Emergency Exit” sign? A: He exclaims “1975! 1977! 
  72. Comedian Praveen : #YoRahulSoDumb that even if he goes to Bigg Boss house, he will have lunch and come back..
  73. Abhishek Aameria ‏: #YoRahulSoDumb He stuck on Escalator for 48 Hrs Of Delhi Metro’s station when there was power cut for 2 days.
  74. rahul doshi ‏: #YoRahulSoDumb he went to buy the Indian Flag and asked for design options.
  75. Paresh Shinde ‏: YoRahulSoDumb I told him to look at the dead bird and he started looking up in the sky.
  76. Ravi Thakkar ‏@RaviThakks : #YoRahulSoDumb he took a ruler to bed to see how long he slept.
  77. #YoRahulSoDumb you have to dig for finding his IQ.
  78. #YoRahulSoDumb he thinks credit crunch is a new chocolate bar…
  79. Mused Cynic: #YoRahulSoDumb that just because his surname is Gandhi, he believes that he actually is MohanDas Gandhi’s descendant! 
  80. Sanu Shukla : Age doesn’t always bring wisdom, sometimes age comes alone..!
  81. Chetan Dhadankar ‏: Rahul Gandhi’s shares b’day with Garfield. Both love to sleep, do no real work, snooze while othrs work.
  82. @yaduwanshi3362 : Teacher : pin drop silence, Raullu started dropping down pins from stationary box on the floor..
  83. VishalK ‏: #YoRahulSoDumb that he tripped over a cordless phone !
  84. Ankur Tripathi: Breaking News : Rahul Gandhi to visit ex Pak PM Gilani’s home at 12am for dinner.
  85. @SumeetCJ :  YoRahulSoDumb that he understands the current affairs only when they become history.
  86. @SwarupKS : #YoRahulSoDumb When Rahul proposed, a Girl (???) said: “I’m 1 yr elder to u”. Rahul said: ‘Oye, no problem Soniye, I’ll marry u next year.
  87. #YoRahulSoDumb A Postman told “I drove 5miles 2deliver this packet” Rahul said laughing “why did u come so far? Instead u cud hv posted it”.
  88. Aam Admo ‏: #YoRahulSoDumb thinks that all mentions of “Mahatma Gandhi” are referring to him.
  89. YoRahulSoDumb Recommends Arjuna award 4 gymnast Diggy uncle. He bent over backwards to sheild Rahul frm UP debacle
  90. @dipeshparmar46 : #YoRahulSoDumb when people told him his bday is round the corner, he went in the corner looking for it!
  91. Madhukar Kumar: How does #YoRahulSoDumb dial a phone number 39003900? He dials 3900 & press redial!
  92. @SumeetCJ #YoRahulSoDumb that he understands the current affairs only when they become history.
  93. A. K. Jain@Satpathgami :#YoRahulSoDumb expressed his wish to diggy 2 talk 2 any shahid 2 hrs before they die to understand what it makes some one to die 4 nation.
  94. #YoRahulSoDumb wanted to write book like bro Varun so he wrote n forward it 2 publisher, pb replied pls send sucide note 2 police directly.
  95. Tanusri Singh :#YoRahulSoDumb his friend asked him to go buy a color TV and he asked “What color?”
  96.  #YoRahulSoDumb he sold his car to buy petrol.
  97. #YoRahulSoDumb so dumb he thought fruit punch was a gay boxer.
  98. #YoRahulSoDumb that he raised the level of his chair to increase his IQ.
  99. #YoRahulSoDumb that he thinks his twin lives in the mirror.
  100.   @iam_ashish :#YoRahulSoDumb Rahul Gandhi turns 42. That is 40 more than the total number of seats ever won by him for Congress.

With the hashtag standing at the peak position, looks like the celebrations will go on till midnight!!

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