The Emperor Strikes Again: Twitterati on Viswanathan Anand’s ’5th Time Championship’

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Those magic fingers have done it again: Vishwanathan Anand is the World Chess Champ again, for the fifth time. This time he tided over Boris Gelfand of Israel 2.5-1.5 in rapid chess tie-breaks at Moscow. He has done India proud to such the heights that has been rare. And how are jubilant Indians responding? In masterstrokes, ofcourse!! A slice of celebrations from Twitter:

Sunny ‏@iaminder: Congrats to Vishwanathan Anand for his achievement..Incredible!! Hope he get warm welcome like Our Cricketers get

 Om Raghuwanshi ‏@omraghuwanshi: The king of chess congrtulations.

 ѕυ∂ιкѕнα_∂єѕαℓє ‏@sudikshadesale: Kudos to Vishwanathan Anand for making India proud

 ch kss vinod511 ‏@kissvinod: Vishwanathan Anand deserves a ticker tape parade. We have done precious little to leverage his contribution to India’s Brain/Brand equity

 Rajyavardhan Rathore ‏@Ra_THORe: Vishwanathan Anand, you amply prove-”Its not the hand of the princess but the thrill of the fight with the demon that excites u”- Geet Sethi

wajahath ali ‏@wajahath_ali: I guess its safe 2 say v r da worlds best thinkers after VishwanathanAnand won chess world title…5th time.

 VinodPolitics: Thought for d day: a countrywide campaign for a bharat ratna for vishwanathananand.

Papa Godfather ‏@0M17: All hail & bow down to Vishwanathan Anand !!! the world champions in the toughest ‘mind’ game for the 5th time!! Making India proud all over

Rajyavardhan Rathore ‏@Ra_THORe: Whoa!What a fight to retain the 5th World Championship title;Vishwanathan Anand, you are an inspiration to a generation of Indians

 Sankar ‏@gsankar2011: The impact Vishwanathan Anand made for chess in India is unsurpassed. He is a national hero in his homeland & revolutionized Indian chess

 ANIMESH JAIN : Vishwanathan Anand chess Champion of the World for the 5th time !! Incredible ! Many congratulations and many more victories !!

Raggi Chakraborty ‏@cynismyn: Congrats to Vishwanathan Anand.. Ur seriously a great champ

 abhijeet ‏@Captainabhijeet: Vishwanathan Anand legend,genius,under rated,and best sportsman of India.

punit modhgil ‏@Modhgil: if there’s a true Bharat Ratna today, it has to be VishwanathanAnand. 5th world chess championship for Vishy!

 Suresh Prabhu (SRP) ‏@srprabhu: Congratulations Vishwanathan Anand. A role model for perseverance, consistency, humility.

 Rohit ‏@dwango169:  In school I once won in chess against a boy (2 years younger than me) who has met and played Vishwanathan Anand *that magic feeling*

Arafat Kamaal ‏@arafatkamaal: Vishwanathan Anand’s career- A run of consistent hard work, patience & persistence over three decades.Yet he maintains low key all the times

 Charlatan ‏@thefakebuffoon: Not to judge anyone, but unlike Sachin whenever VishwanathanAnand has performed, his team has always won.

And the champ, what does he have to say about this unforgettable moment? “It could have gone either way, as the games were well fought. I won because I wonSaying my daily prayers helps me achieve this heightened state of mind. Chess is like a language, the top players are very fluent at it,” said Anand. Spoken like a true champ!!

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