“Honest” Manmohan and His 14 “Honestest” Ministers

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Team Anna releases a kind of “charge sheet” against Manmohan Singh and his 14 cronies. As usual, most of this would be hushed & left to dust, but at least it is worth noting during its first week.

The accusations and details are quite alarming. It’s a shame that the world’s largest democracy is ruled by big time crooks, headed by a 200-page resume “honest” crook

Team Anna’s “Charge-sheet” against UPA ministers
[Download full report by Team Anna]

Some highlights from the report is presented below, for those not interested to read all 79 pages.

Every single big name of Team Sonia is neck deep in scandals that need probe. What a disaster…

  1. Pages 2-4 of “charge-sheet” by Team Anna against Manmohan Singh himself. Is he guilty under Sec 9 of Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA) for his role in the Coal scam?
  2. Full 24 pages against the home minister and Subramanian Swamy’s “best friend”, P Chidambaram. There are 5 criminal offense charges related to 2G scam. Summary on page 5 – a) Pricing of 2G Spectrum b) Allowing sale of equity by Swan and Unitech. c) FIPB approval of Hutch-Vodafone. d) FIPB approval of Aircel-Maxis. e) Unwarranted attempts to withdraw prosecution. Truly serious charges
  3. See Pages 30-33 on why Pranab Mukherjee may be guilty of Scorpene submarine scam. And this guy could become the next President of India
  4. Page 34 links Sharad Pawar to Papu Kalani, Dawood Ibrahim, Shahid Balwa and Abdul K Telgi! The report gives details of how Abdul Karim Telgi the prime accused in the Telgi scam admitted during the Narco-analysis test that the Rs 60,000 crores scam was a brain child of Mr. Pawar. This and the Dawood link are by far the most serious accusation from the report. India’s most wanted criminal linked to Team Sonia’s trusted veteran minister?  Reading further, the page 37 blames Sharad Pawar for Wheat Import, Pulses Import and LAVASA scams too.
  5. Page 38 blames SM Krishna for mining scam. This was public knowledge in Karnataka, except ironically, Team Anna’s closest guy Santosh Hegde :)
  6. Pages 41-43 link Kamal Nath to Rice Export scam & Highway scam. It then brings in references to Radia tape’s “Mr.15%” who is none other than Kamal Nath.
  7. Pages 44-48 say Praful Patel should be probed for crime under section 13 of PCA for Air India and Indian Airlines (losses) scam.
  8. Pages 49-52 link Vilasrao Deshmukh to Adarsh, money lender protection and other land scams.
  9. Page 54 shames Team Sonia of making Virbhadra Singh, who is charge-sheeted, a minister. Horrible thing by even Congress standards
  10. Page 58 exposes Kapil Sibal of being “friendly” to Reliance by not imposing the necesary fines. And this inefficient guy wants to police internet!
  11. Page 59 blames Salman Khurshid of wrongly shielding Reliance-Swan & Essar-Loop in 2G scam. This is a far more serious alleged crime than his illegal Muslim reservation speech given during UP elections, for which he was never punished by Election Commission or Sonia Gandhi.
  12. Pages 64-65 expose GK Vasan of indulging in Kandla port Rs.2 lakh crore scam. 90% of even the close political observers would not have heard of this massive shipping industry scam. Looks like under Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, there is not a single ministry, which is not scam ridden
  13. Pages 66 expose Farooq Abdullah involving himself in Jammu & Kashmir cricket association scam.
  14. Page 67 exposes Karunanidhi’s son Azhagiri grabbing temple land using wife’s name. There’s one other allegation against him too.
  15. Pages 68-79 blame Sushil Kumar Shinde of indulging in Adarsh scam. A good number of IPC sections that he violated are listed.

Predictably, the “honest” Manmohan’s Congress dismissed as “unsubstantiated averments” that need not be responded to.  Yes, lakhs of crores of loss caused by so many scams listed are “unsubstantiated”. Wah Congress Wah!

More predictably, the media is not attacking the key members of Team Sonia.  How could they, when some of these, like 2G and Radia tapes point fingers back at their own rotten eggs?

It’s a different question as to why India Against Corruption (IAC)didn’t include Sonia’s name in this report, but as some of my online friends told, it might be a strategy to force her to act on at least one case here.

Will she that too when her chief puppet himself is kind of indicted here?

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2 Responses to “Honest” Manmohan and His 14 “Honestest” Ministers

  1. vir sain chowdhry

    Team Anna ,to stay in news/relavent has certainly put UPA under stress –in addition created negative image of  mins.Dr Swamy even asked them to include SGs name. At a time NaMo is “inspiring the spark” in BJP–ATLEAST congis can be taken to task and answer.

  2. Sandeepshah

    i have serious doubt for dr manmohan singh honesty. 32 lac cr scam is not possible without his knowledge. he mess total system. mishandeling of excess food grain and inflation creat doubt for his caliber and honesty.he doesnt have any reason why he allow to waste foodgrain. its crime which has no forgivness.

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