Men Protest Against Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill

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Centre for Men’s Rights organized a protest against the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill. Around 300 Men with their families gathered in front of Town Hall in Bangalore and protested that the proposed amendments in the law were unfair and against men.

The Men’s rights activists who gathered told that their demand was that  the bill in its present form should not be passed and instead modify all laws to make them gender neutral where the word ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ is replaced by the word ‘spouse’. They also pressed that the government should create a National Commission for Men to study and take measures on war-footing on the problem of increasing men’s suicides, and promote well-being and welfare of men.

One of the activist Santosh Patil said that the Marriage Laws Amendment Bill is patently anti-men and it takes away rights of married men while giving rights to married women without any responsibilities.

Santosh said that the bill aims to give married women rights in husbands’ residential property in case of a divorce, and she becomes eligible to 50% of it irrespective of whether it was acquired before or during the marriage. Irrespective of the fact who owns more property and who initiates divorce, the wife is supposed to have property rights whereas the husband has none.

He further added that the law is more about easy divorce option for women without commitment in marriage rather than protecting their rights. Even after making wife 50% owner, the proposed law still gives courts the discretion to divide other movable and immoveable assets owned by her husband. Who will benefit in the end? – the divorcing women, or the legal divorce industry and the unscrupulous women who will use these provisions as a tool to walk out of marriage claiming the riches.

Another activist Phanisai told that the most damning evidence of anti-men bias in the bill is that in spite of the fact that 80-85% of divorces are initiated by women the bill aims to ‘empower’ wives to veto any divorce filed by husbands on grounds of ‘irretrievable breakdown of marriage’ while the husbands who want to save marriage will not be allowed to oppose similar petition by their wives. There is a hidden presumption that married women are always with good intentions whereas married men are basically villains.

He also added that Men’s rights organisations from acrossIndiahad made representations about the loopholes in the amendments in front of the parliamentary standing committee, but the government has proceeded ahead with approval of amendments making mockery of public voices of dissent.

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7 Responses to Men Protest Against Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill

  1. Tonyclisson

    I thank Mr. Santosh Patil for raising voice on behalf of All Indian Men. Indian politicians always play the vote politics. Law should be equal to all and not gender bias. Keep up the good work.

  2. Gokul.P.R

    The vested interests aRe actually feigning ignorance about the growing misuse of laws and prpensity towards crime by women and is perpetuating the age old conditioning that only men are criminals. All these vested interests want is to break more and more family units and hence create more people with propensity to spend(not save of their family’s future, as is normally the ijclination if they are in a family) and more people who can be brainwashed and serve as role-models for others to break more families. This is a capitalists dream come true… More singles … More the expenditures… And its not a coincidence… This has been engineered by design!

  3. Indian

    Great job guys.Thanks to all the women who supported this cause..

  4. Mens Rights

    Excellent work! Well done guys. More and more awareness is needed. These laws are passed to destroy Indian family system as feminism is an anti-male, anti-family and anti-marriage revolution by anti-social elements in western societies and now the Indian society too.

  5. Mens Rights

    Feminists’ talk of Women Empowerment is hollow
    The terms “Feminist” and “Women Empowerment”
    are well known today – thanks to the voluminous media coverage and
    societal attention they enjoy. For decades, the feminists have been
    ranting about the need of “Women Empowerment” and holding society,
    especially men, at ransom for the same.

    So a couple of questions came to my mind like,

    Who are the feminists?How genuine are their claims?How tangible are the measures they propose?How serious are the issues they rant about?What if, they are ignored?

    Let us try to answer each of these questions based on the data available.

    Q1. Who are the feminists?

    The feminists are none but a bunch of
    loser women who have never had a happy life and thrash out their
    sadistic concerns onto the society, especially men, and constantly keep
    on asking about one or the other concessions for women. Also, the
    feminists are big-time liars and they do not even refrain from uttering
    white lies even on national media to the extent of getting exposed. For
    example, yesterday, there was a TV debate going on in a very popular
    media channel and very famous and well-known women’s rights activist aka
    the Feminists were shouting at the top of their lungs that the proposed
    “property-division clause post-divorce” will apply
    only on property acquired post marriage. However, the truth is, as per a
    modified draft of the bill, it will apply blindly on all properties in
    the ownership of husband.

    In another instance, they claimed in the media that, in 70% of the cases
    women are denied maintenance on grounds of adultery, which is causing
    grave financial hardship for women and thus, even adulterous women must
    be granted maintenance. However, when an application under the RTI Act
    was filed to know the source of the data of such horrendous and
    extravagant claims, the reply received was “The organization, that had earlier made the claim, had no such data”.

    Feminists make huge hue and cry in the media about “Dowry-Deaths”. However, as a matter of fact, as per law, “any death of a married woman within 7 years of her marriage”,
    is to be ‘registered’ as a dowry death. Which means, even before
    investigation, the death is registered as a dowry-death in the official
    statistics and the same are never rectified, if later, it is found that
    the death of the married woman was not due to dowry harassment but some
    other reason like accident, insect bite, snake bite, disease etc. And,
    when they are confronted with the data about suicides by married men
    they vehemently deny that any such data exists.

    As a matter of fact, data is available with the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB),
    a unit of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Ironically, it’s the same
    department, whose report on dowry-deaths is used as a basis of
    unconstitutional, undemocratic and inhuman and anti-male dowry laws,
    that have been instrumental in getting millions of innocent people being
    thrown behind bars without trial or investigation and has also abetted
    the suicide of millions of innocent young men.

    And the biggest blame for this social
    massacre goes to feminists, because they created such a big hoax about
    the so-called dowry harassment and dowry deaths of women that the
    society has gone blind in pursuit of a section of society popularly
    known as husbands and their families.

    Q2. How genuine are their claims?

    Majority of the claims of feminists are
    either false or highly exaggerated. For example, there have been umpteen
    number of cases where “dowry-death victims” (women
    supposed to have been killed by their in-laws for dowry) have returned
    alive while their husbands and in-laws rot in jail, as these women roam
    freely, putting a false case. And feminists support such women.

    How can we just ignore the famous case of Nisha Sharma, who shot to fame in 2003 for allegedly calling off a marriage citing “additional demands of dowry by groom and his family, just before the marriage”?
    Fact of the matter was, Nisha, was already married and to hide her
    marriage, she falsely accused the groom and his family and ruined their
    life with a false criminal case. And, feminists hailed such a liar as “Icon against fight in dowry”. Well, when their icon herself is a big liar, one can just imagine the truthfulness of their own claims.

    Feminists have never taken up the cause
    of young unmarried girls facing harassment from their own parents, in
    their natal homes, or the cause of widows who suffer social bias, or the
    cause of old women being harassed in their families, especially old
    mothers-in-law tortured by their daughters-in-law.

    Feminists have readily taken up and
    blown the trumpet far out of proportion for young and newly married
    women because the money lies there. It is a highly politically correct
    issue to create channels of tax-free wealth transfer from husband to
    wife because the social role of a PROVIDER has been
    ascribed to a man and there is no concept of responsibility on a woman,
    nor are there any penal provisions for a woman not fulfilling her
    responsibility as a wife in a marriage.

    Claims by feminists are highly bogus and
    when they are challenged with actual data, they come up with hollow
    analogies like Sita and Savitri.

    First of all, these are all mythological
    characters and there is no evidence at all if they existed and the
    stories that we’ve been hearing about them since childhood have any iota
    of truth in it.

    Secondly, assuming, it was true, how
    relevant are those analogies in today’s time, whence every year 72000
    crores of annual budget is allocated for “women welfare” and none for

    Feminists claim that men have historic
    advantage, but what exactly is the advantage that men have? Men, have
    always protected women, children and elders in society by taking maximum
    risks upon themselves, exploring unknown areas and making them safer
    for others to dwell and prosper. So, how can someone who lays down his
    life for others be oppressive?

    Feminists never admit that women can be
    cruel and always justify abuse by women as their right. So, for someone
    who justifies abusive behavior as a right, one can imagine the
    genuineness of their claims.

    Feminists are extremely vicious
    characters who simply exhibit, propel and emanate male-hatred. In fact,
    so deep is their hatred for men, that they are fine with not providing
    any redress mechanism to women, but are not ready to share the same with

    I will not fail to cite here the example
    of a proposed bill called “Sexual Assault Bill, 2010” which talked of
    preventing rapes/sexual assaults of women inside police stations. When
    men’s rights activists demanded that the bill be made gender neutral
    because lakhs of male prisoners have been sexually denigrated, sodomized
    and raped inside police stations, the feminists simply withdrew the
    bill. This only proves their sadistic nature.

    Q3. How tangible are the measures they propose?

    All of the solutions that come from feminist have the same undertone – “Hard earned money of a man must go to a woman”.
    And they call this as women empowerment! How can someone be empowered
    when they are treated worse than kids and provisions are created that
    you complain and walk away with a fortune.

    No self-respecting woman would ever
    support such an empowerment paradigm. In fact, those women, who do, are
    not real women. Undisputed sign of empowerment is entrustment of

    However, feminists call “imposing responsibility on a woman as her oppression”.

    This single statement should tell us
    their thought process and any solution proposed out of such a thought
    process can never be tangible. For example, they are asking the Govt. of
    India to amend the Hindu Marriage Act in such a manner that in the
    event of a divorce a woman gets the children, half of husband’s property
    (irrespective of when purchased and who contributed) and alimony as

    So, they are calling Incentivization of divorce as a sign of empowerment.
    In short, they are promoting breaking of family and unfortunately this
    misandrous society is not challenging them. They are promoting
    father-less society and thus contributing to growing crime in the
    society, as it is an established fact that a father acts as a role-model
    for children and children from broken families and grown up without a
    father are 8 times more likely to resort to crime.

    Also, feminists are leaving no stone
    unturned in turning marriage into a crime for men from all angles. If a
    man stays in a marriage, he is abused by his wife and he cannot escape
    as there are no laws to protect a man. Also, feminists have effectively
    plugged any/all communication channels for men. And if he files for
    divorce he loses all of his fortune, his peace of mind and ends up
    fighting lifetime bogus litigations containing all sorts of false

    Moreover, a single man faces a lot of
    problems surviving in the society. Banks do not give loans easily,
    getting a rented house is an issue and a single man faces a lot of
    problems in adopting a child as well.

    Hence, feminists are totally focused on cornering men and it is said, “Even a cornered rabbit is dangerous”.
    So, in coming times, if these cornered men, resort to crime being
    exasperated and kill their wives, feminists will be solely responsible
    for this because they left no stone unturned in creating a society that
    simply exploits men and denies them even basic human rights. By the way,
    most of these men are brothers, sons and cousins of these feminists.

    Feminists are promulgating economic
    parasitism for women, at the cost of men and are encouraging the women
    to indulge in victimization. Ultimately, it needs to be realized, are
    they really fighting for the larger benefit of women or are just
    unleashing their personal hatred against men because majority of these
    women, who claim to be women’s rights activists aka the feminists do not
    have a happy, peaceful and blissed family life.

    Q4. How serious are the issues they rant about?

    Feminists create cacophony and rhetoric without logic or data.

    For example, how can they ignore the
    constantly rising suicides by married men and claim that women are the
    weaker sex whereas data clearly shows otherwise.

    Or, how can they ignore the fact that,
    in our society, it’s not the daughters but the sons who are burdened
    with the responsibility of taking care of old parents?

    Or, how can they ignore, that in our
    society women always marry up and it’s the men who marry down? Hence, in
    marriages, actually women are treated as second class citizens but no
    feminist till date has raised an issue about this insubordination of
    women in marriages?

    Now, feminists are claiming that in 70% of divorce cases the women are left with no home to live, which means:

    We should be seeing a lot of homeless women, but do we really see?
    (I have mostly seen, it’s the men who are homeless. Women always get
    some sympathizer, men get none.)Feminists must have data about how many married women own properties and how many don’t?Feminists must also have data about how many divorces are actually
    happening (it’s not the same as the number of divorce cases filed,
    because I have seen many of them getting dismissed and divorce not being

    But when even the Govt. of India does
    not have the above data, how can feminists have? In fact, in the current
    discussion about the property division clauses, no data is being
    presented at all. Only arguments in thin air, are flying and
    media/society are taking it to be Gospel Truth.

    These revelations cast a serious doubt
    on the seriousness of the issue because feminists are merely taking
    advantage of the general sympathy that women enjoy in the society and
    residual misandry that the society harbors against men and using both to
    the furnish their misandrist and saddist agenda of war against men/boys.

    There are far more serious issues that the Govt. needs to focus on, rather than feministic issues and some of them being,

    Economic reforms.Price-control.Corruption.Bad Governance.Police Reforms.Judicial Reforms.

    Keeping all this in view, the hollow
    issues of feminine victimization that feminists raise, majority of which
    are false, misrepresented and mythical, we can safely say that the
    issues raised by feminists are not at all serious and can easily be

    Q5. What if, they are ignored?

    Lot of good things will happen if they
    are ignored. The concept of men’s rights and men’s abuse will become
    mainstream. Abuse of men will stop and this will lead to a more stable
    society because ultimately it’s the young and disposable males of the
    society who slog it out to run our systems and if their rights are
    protected, overall life quality will increase, benefits of which will go
    to one and all – men, women and children, because, by nature men are
    sacrificial in nature and do not even think twice before sacrificing
    their own lives/interests for the sake of others.

    No more anti-male laws will be created
    which will result in reduction of suicides by men. Our beloved sons,
    brothers, and men would live in a fearless society instead of the
    current scenario where men are blackmailed day in and day out owing to
    super-flowing feminist agenda in the societal veins.

    Problems of both men and women can be addressed in a gender-neutral manner, as opposed to the current scenario wherein entrapment of men is projected as empowerment of women.

    Hence, we see that feminists’ talk of
    women empowerment is very hollow and is narrowly focused on passing
    tax-free and effort-free wealth from husband to wife and rest all other
    issues are buried under the carpet.

    Now, it is up to the society to decide:

    “Do feminists really deserve the attention and seriousness they are currently enjoying?”

    “Should not they be subjected to strong scrutiny about the claims they make?”

    “Is it fine to punish a man on the verbal statement of a woman taking the same as Gospel Truth?”

    “Should not, the feminists be punished for unleashing crimes against men?”

    “Should feminists be allowed to exist?”

  6. Mens Rights

    Indian Citizens oppose the biased and autocratic Marriage Amendment bill. STOP IT NOW! Citizens of India demand fair laws and not biased laws. STOP Marriage amendment bill. Marriage law amendment bill is unconstituional and dictatorial. Please STOP it!!

    As Per the IrBM :-

    1. Husband can NOT oppose the Divorce Petition filed by the wife. 2. 50% of Residential Property of Husband will be given to wife BY LAW. 3. Residential Property of Husband could be before / during the marriage that means that if you are unmarried and you purchase a house, even that will get divided post marriage and Divorce under IrBM. 4. This does NOT do away with the any of the existing penalties to Husbands like Jail, Maintenance, Residence Rights, Protection Rights, No custody, etc etc.

    Edward Abbey quotes :- A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

    Patrick Henry quotes :- The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.


    Indian citizens vehemently oppose the Irretrievable Breakdown of marraige bill!!!1) This law is undemocratic , autocratic and unconstitutional2) Govt will be held responsible for to social unrest and gender voilence due to senseless laws like this.3) No defintion of marital contribution and marraige tenure4) Why is wife is not responsible for sharing marital debt ?5) Govt has no right to break the Hindu family system!STOP! Irretrievable breakdown of marraige bill NOW !!!


  7. Rev

    I totally agree.. Great job.. Not every Indian women is happy with the IrBM.. I’m one of them.. My family is been humiliated by my bro’s in laws and his wife to file a false dory case and misbehavior case on my dad.. If we did not listen to what they say.. They are humiliating us still endless.. I think it’s high time law changes.. Women’s are no more being mistreated.. I think it’s men.. So please change the law so that people like us also can freely speak back the truth without fear.. I was happy to find out that there is some voice for men’s rights.. Please stop asking for women’s rights.. We ve enough let’s be justice and not gender biased..

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