UPA Completes 3 Years: Dismal Opinions Abundant

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So, UPA government has announced the completion of 3 years of its tenure. Commemorations have been proclaimed with Prime Minister announcing a celebratory dinner. However, all does not seem well for certain reasons:

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s celebratory dinner is likely to take off without the UPA props from West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Mamta Banerjee has declared that she is ‘preoccupied’, with Mukul Roy being sent in as her emissary and Karunanidhi citing ill health.

Another reason why UPA need not cheer much at their dinner is a poll conducted by CNN IBN which states thus:

UPA government is losing credibility: Survey . The poll is replete with titles like “UPA2: PM The Weak Link, Time for Manmohan To Go, etc. The survey shows 66% stating that the Government is losing its credibility, 59% voicing their dissatisfaction and 12% stating that the Prime Minister’s performance has been dismal. The survey goes on to say that in tackling key issues like price hike, corruption, economic reforms etc, the government’s performance has been far from laudable. The poll has its focus on many other aspects and concludes with Narendra Modi getting the top slot of being the best choice for PM material, from the NDA arena.

If Twitter is to be taken in as a voicing ground, where opinions run openly, without any stifling agent, here is what Indians think about the UPA government that has completed 3 years of occupancy.

Raja DiggVijay $ingh: THREE GLORIOUS YEARS OF IPL! Well, not that one. I’m talking about Indian Plunderers League which is also known as UPA.

Ranga ‏@ranganaathan: UPA in 8 yrs have done enough damage to Bharatiya & its Institutions, which British could not in a couple of centuries.

Anamika : 3 years of UPA and they’re celebrating with a dinner. Maybe they should go shop for the ingredients themselves. To experience the food prices

Kiran Kumar S : Good GDP growth under UPA happened only during 2004-07. I have a feeling it was mostly due to Vajpayee’s policies’ spill over, not Sonia’s.

rrajjan02: 3 yrs of corruption n mismanagement by UPA.

Manoj Dhadwal : UPA encourages Terrorists but discourage Nationalists !!

MRVChennai: An unsolicited advice to UPA – try appreciate the Rupee. Things will get better. Else ask MMS to resign & go. Good riddance of bad runnish.   Corruption by UPA soars Rs slides, IIP plummet, business confidence drops, growth stagnate, stock market crash. UPA does what ISI could not.

Shaelesh Prabhakar : UPA celebrates 3 years of plunder, prevarication and subversion all around! No past govt. Has been as brazenly shameless as the UPA I.

Mobez Arsiwala: We cant really blame Mahesh Bhatt for making Jannat 2 when we ourselves r involved in the making of the sequel of UPA 1

Santhoshj: This asshole UPA passes bills unanimously to make sure they get a hefty increment every year and to make sure people will suffer forever.

Suresh Narsingrao: Have three years of UPA 2 killed the India story? Its a beginning of the end of Dynestic upper hand in Congress.Wait for 2014.

Eye Doctor : ManmohanKaka sat on wall/ Rahul Gandiya & UPA in Parlt Hall/ All created Ruckus & great bawaal/ Nothing now could save Indian Economy’s fall

Kabirvishal: UPA has done great things for economic growth of the country. For example it erected, commissioned, and installed the symbol for Rupee.

Manoj Dhadwal ‏: UPA has broken the back bone of ‘AAM AADMI’ using which they came to power !!

Rahul Ray: UPA-II completes three years in office. 3 chors for Manmohan Singh. Sorry, 3 cheers!!!

BABA Sancheet : 3 years of UPA 2. In these 3 years it has become bad to worse. Bring down this corrupt and inefficient government.

Vishal Lodha : #ModiasPMBecause is trending since over 12 hours now. Anniversary gift to UPA on completion of 3 yrs!

Mohini Kamwani ‏: ‘Dirty Picture’ of 3 Yrs of UPA II: “Govt runs on 3 things only; Corruption Corruption Corruption & v r d Corruption”

kaithun ‏: UPA II has two years to face elections and its already talking about happy to sit in opposition if people desire! Sad state of affair!

Kiran Kumar Khurana : UPA-2 has failed. Because it stupidly believes that Dynasty’s magic and heavy social spending are enough make it win!

Manoj Dhadwal ‏: UPA is blot on India !!

Overrated Outcast: If they’re punishing people for impersonation, they should arrest everyone in the UPA because they have been pretending to govern since 2004

Gaurav Agarwal : If UPA was a corporate entity and Dr. Manmohan Singh was its CEO, he would be fired for sure!!!

BHANU PARTAP SINGH ‏: The UPA is doing everything to suppress the truth and deceive the public. The deceptive nature is clearly visible..

Mukesh Goel : UPA @ 3: The people are fed up… want PM to go

And playing spoilsport for UPA’s celebrations is various poll results showing Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi a much preferred candidate for the Prime Minister’s post. Possibly adding to their woes is ‘#ModiAsPMBecause’ trending on the top slot in Twitter, where Twitterati have voiced their large scale preference for seeing Modi as the country’s next Prime Minister.

Sateashjain ‏: UPA duffers utter failure in all fronts. Exasperated people need a dynamic leader with innovative vision.


Smita Nayak: He doesnt need paper ads to endorse his work. The development done by him speaks. Thus no need 2 spend crores for paper ads

nikki ‏@capscorp: Orders won’t come from the Vatican or mecca! .. tats why pseudo seculars r scared .. lulz

Pratik Chheda : We need a PM who speaks. Not a dumb one like Manmohan Singh.

Amit ‏@mit5300: If he can develop Gujrat without centre’s backing , we can imagine wat india will b if he is the centre.

Rajeev ‏@blunt_eye: He is the one true leader India has produced in several decades. A true son of the soil!

Anant Goyal: (Modi as PM because) we got freedom from the British, now to get freedom from corruption. (Congress)

Adityaagnihotri: He has vision, courage and fearlessness.

Vismayshah: Gujarat cant keep the man which belongs to Nation.

Smita Nayak : He is a visionary focused on inclusive development, he doesnt bother abt cartoons.

ajay shanbhag: It’s time Bharat Mata’s true son to take centre stage and make her proud…Long Live NaMo

pvsswamy ‏: To avoid the mismanagement and deceits of UPA

@amsrjn : Why should Gujarat alone have all the fun? :) We in rest of Bharat too want him to lead the country to prosperity.

What Sharmanarinder tweeted seems to be striking: What an irony UPA completes 3 year and #ModiasPMBecause is trending :).

Looking at the voices raised, aren’t they all in the same tone? The same song, with different lyrics- that is what makes it different!

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  1. Virsain7

    I wonder why they are celebrating a dinner—it should at best be high tea in view of austerity measures.  Imagine celebrating a disaster?

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