‘Journalism’ and the Modi Bashing Cottage Industry

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 | by

The riots that took place in Gujarat in 2002 were unfortunate, akin to any riot that take place in the country or in the world. However, the Gujarat riots stand isolated in nature, for a unique purpose. The episode is seen more as an unending conspiracy crusade by a relentless team comprising of Teesta Setalvad, Sanjiv Bhatt, Sreekumar, Mukul Sinha and yes: some inevitable ubiquitous journalists. Their end goal is obvious and specific: vilify, demonize and slander Chief Minister of Narendra Modi. And the garb they use? ‘The so called justice’.

What we have been witnessing for quite some time in India is biased news at its best: this time Times of India has done complete justice to the aspect. Mainstream media, especially TOI has been quite vocal about the report related to Gujarat riots given by Raju Ramakrishnan, the Amicus Curiae. The entire report has never given any dismal picture about Narendra Modi. It has however a sentence which means vaguely that if circumstances go in a certain direction, there might be a possibility of Modi being prosecuted. Mainstream media swooped down on the sentence, made a monster out of the same and plastered the walls of their news displays “Amicus Curiae says investigate Modi”. DNA at least had the sense to edit their title at a later stage (see the image). Many news sources still shamelessly retain their old titles.

Here comes the obvious question: why is the mainstream media silent about the SIT report which has given a clean chit to Modi? Mainstream media says everything under the sun, except the clean chit given to Modi. Instead the bandwagon has been highlighting the Amicus Curiae’s statement which is a fragment of a complete report, which further is a chip of the major SIT report.

This is not the first time TOI has done its dirty trick. In 2012, the Godhra episode trailed behind by 10 years. TOI decided to capitalize the event. They embarked on their favourite pastime : Modi hunting, this time with a special dedication to their Ahmedabad edition. The front page was streaked with a ‘Godhra Report, TOI Version’. The day was referred to as ‘Doomsday’, with a title ‘Action, Reaction and Inaction’. For those of you who have perused the report, they had proclaimed their version of judgement, a multiple number of times, before the Honourable Court of India pronounced the real judgement. TOI’s judgement was based on assumption and myths, with a glaring absence of any shred of evidence. The judgement was declared in title: ‘inaction’, obviously daggering the Chief Minister. What followed on the entire page was a single sided report, supposedly a list of occurrences of the day.

I am curious: the Anti-Sikh Riots and Massacre of Kashmiri Pundits are some of the worst episodes of gore witnessed by modern India. Does TOI and other mainstream media houses observe the 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots the same way? So far, nothing has been seen on the Decennial, Vicennial observances of the gruesome incident which spanned for 4 days from 31 October 1984 − 3 November 1984, where Congressmen mercilessly slaughtered 2,700 Sikhs. No reports ever, so far voicing concern for those 20, 000 who fled Delhi and 50, 000 who were displaced. TOI has not yet taken up similar campaigns on the largely displaced and badly scarred Kashmiri Pandit community that still awaits justice.

SIT report, which is the outcome of a long investigation, prepared by a team after 3 years has not even a murmur in the media. But solitary utterances by a person or so gets blown out of proportion. The ‘controversial meeting convened by Narendra Modi’ was attended by other senior officers as well. Has any one of us ever heard their statements ringing out? However, the statement made by a rogue elephant gets full coverage. Sanjiv Bhatt is media’s latest darling as his statements and views are palatable to media houses. The larger picture is easily discernible: there is a vested interest behind their stories.

Coming to the present scenario, lets begin with the shocking revelation made by the Special Investigation Team, regarding the role of media, to be precise ‘Times of India’, in the ‘Narendra Modi Vilification Campaign’: the reports reveal how Manoj Mitta, TOI journalist helped in the drafting of a cleverly structured ‘anti-Modi affidavit’. He was the one who added flesh and spice into a cartload of defamation originally framed by Sanjiv Bhatt. And so with the entire affidavit looking spruced up, Sanjiv Bhatt marched to the Supreme Court.

Quoting the paragraph in the report where the SIT exposes one among those numerous dirty plots hatched by the Anti-Modi conspirators:

That Ms. Teesta Setalwad, her lawyer Shri Mihir Desai and Journalist Shri Manoj Mitta of Times of India were in constant touch with Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, IPS and were instrumental in arranging / drafting of the affidavit for filing the same in honourable Supreme court. Vide email dated 10-4-2011, Shri Bhatt solicited “Co-ordinates” from Ms. Teesta Setalwad, who had also arranged for a meeting with her lawyer Shri Mihir Desai at Ellis bridge Gymkhana, Ahmedabad. Shri Sanjiv Bhatt sent the first draft of his proposed affidavit to Shri Manoj Mitta on 13-4-2011, after meeting Shri Mihir Desai, Advocate and invited his suggestions. Shri Manoj Mitta advised Shri Sanjiv Bhatt to incorporate a few more paragraphs drafted by him which were incorporated by Shri Sanjiv Bhatt in his final affidavit sent to honorable Supreme Court of India as suggested by Shri Mitta.

Let us cast Mitta aside for some time and tackle the main perpetrator: mainstream media house, this time, again, Times of India. The news house seems to have gone rabid by splashing their website with so- called news clips, which contain anything but credibility. Taking up 3 of their latest news pieces:

  • The first one speaks of Sanjiv Bhatt being a ‘pivot’. Bhatt has been a proven conspirator in more than a single way. 9 police officers who were quizzed in the most intricate manner, separately have testified that Sanjiv Bhatt was not present in the meeting. This is enough for any discerning human to understand that Bhatt is lying. And if this is meagre evidence, the SIT has a 40 page section dedicated solely to Bhatt and his misgivings.
    “certain vested interests including Shri Sanjiv Bhatt, different NGOs, and some political leaders were trying to use honorable Supreme Court/SIT as a forum for settling their scores”.
    “Shri Sanjiv Bhatt had been colluding with the persons with vested interests to see that some kind of charge-sheet is filed against Shri Narendra Modi and others.”
    However, TOI has been craftily avoiding everything else, coming up with the statement saying that the statements given by other police officers in the meeting is the only evidence that stands against Bhatt. Either they wrote the story without reading the SIT report (which is open to the general public now) or they turned chef and cooked a brilliant lie with the most obvious intention.  According TOI, the 3 years of rigorous ground work put in by the SIT commissioned by the Supreme Court of India stands void. 
  • The second news piece published by TOI voices a doubt if Narendra Modi paid for SIT Chief Raghavan’s foreign trips.  The clip is not a news piece. It is based on multiple suppositions and assumptions and with a plunge into conclusion that Raghavan might have undertaken a foreign trip for which the Gujarat Government might have paid.Any proof TOI?Going by this wonderful logic of clubbing together suppositions to arrive at a conclusion, let us come back to the curious case of Manoj Mitta, a die hard anti-Ayodhya writer (his articles gives one the feeling that he never wants the temple to be built). Now, the Karsevaks returning from Ayodhya,  were burnt in the train in 2002- the very same Karsevaks, who  demolished the mosques, seeking the Hindu’s rights for re-establishing their temple. The scorching of the Karsevaks was obviously by an anti-Ayodhya crowd. And since Manoj Mitta has been ‘anti-Ayodhya’ in outlook, is it sane and sensible to suppose that he had a hand in the Godhra riots? (The same logic behind ‘if A=B and B=C, then A=C’)

             No, is it not? Well, TOI, you need to learn much from your own stories!!

  • The third news clip speaks of the Chief Minister doing his best to curb the lawlessness that engulfed his land, but with a dig referring to him as awfully busy Narendra Modi. Now, Narendra Modi is, as stated by media (truthfully, for once) a busy man. Step into the state of Gujarat and you can see what the person has been doing to justify for his ‘busy-ness‘. The state looks bloomed- not superficially, but from its very depths. Coming back to the riot-ridden days, Narendra Modi was indeed ‘awfully busy’, not lazing about sun-warming himself.
    Narendra Modi‘, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, whose land was seized by riots, was “awfully busy with the steps to control the law and order situation, providing medical treatment to the riot victims, their rehabilitation, giving ex-gratia payment to the riot affected, NGO relief camps and with the payment of compensation for destruction of properties during the riots, and also with his efforts to restore peace and normalcy in the state,” says the SIT report. The report even states that the Army was brought in, at the right time. Why has TOI conveniently chosen the first two words of an entire paragraph, blissfully choosing to ignore the rest of the statement?

Not just now, but from the very minute the riots began, nasty journalism reinvented itself, with a new face. Quoting as example,  Modi’s answer to SIT team, when he was thoroughly interrogated, where he exposed how Times of India ‘conducted an interview with him, without even contacting him’. When exposed, they hurriedly cooked up their denial story, which was cozily tucked up in some remote corner of the TOI newspaper.

(This is an interpolation done on 11 may, 2012) Here is an NDTV piece: Gujarat riots: Illegal orders within a room no offence, says SIT report on Modi

Is it so, NDTV? The actual SIT report says this:

What NDTV has done is selective quoting, by omitting a large section, making it appear again that …. Narendra Modi resorted to ‘illegal orders’ ! Shame on you NDTV. CNN IBN is not the least behind, when it comes to this kind of selective reporting.

This is not an isolated case of title manipulation by NDTV. Another interesting case was a mammoth blunder made by NDTV. Here goes it: 15 February, 2012, when many were waiting for the Gujarat court’s verdict: will a copy of the SIT report be handed over to Zakia Jaffrey or not? Court verdict said ‘No”. But NDTV had a kept ready, a copy of what can be termed as ‘media’s verdict’: ‘Give the 2002 riot reports to Zakia Jaffrey: Gujarat Court to SIT’. With the report ready, the same was published by them on their website, without actually looking into the real facts. There must have been jubilation and celebrations and the channel repeatedly nailed Narendra Modi on TV. Suddenly the story went off air, for mysterious reasons. Later the reason was known- the actual verdict by the court was something else:  ‘No Report for Zakia in Gujarat Riots Case: Court’ . NDTV hurriedly made its correction and covered its folly by not taking up the issue for a couple of hours.

For mainstream media, ‘Narendra Modi’ continues to be its favourite fodder, vital for existence. Blame Narendra Modi, vilify Narendra Modi, add Narendra Modi as spice to the most irrelevant aspect and garner fame… the media tactics spinning around the Chief Minister of Gujarat are numerous. Media, as we see, will do anything to remain in the limelight and increase its viewership. They will also do anything to earn a few extra coins. They have known well enough that demonizing Narendra Modi incessantly will keep their pockets jingling with the yellow metal and so they continue to do it for ever….

Judas knew Jesus, he knew His mission, and yet for a few coins he betrayed him.

(Extending my heart felt gratitude to Vijay, Kiran Kumar, DeshGujarat.com and Sreeharsha Perla for all the vital and valuable information they fed me with)


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12 Responses to ‘Journalism’ and the Modi Bashing Cottage Industry

  1. Rajeev Khaneja

    It shows despration on the part of ruling party in Delhi for minority votes though they have no intrest in their welfare.Secondly it appears they are also scared of the popularity of Shri narendra Modi ji.It is National shame that Chiewf minister of a State is denied visa under inflance of the catholic church and Indian government did not protest.It was a question of national pride but politics and votes seems to be more important than national pride.It is Sad.

  2. Shirish Dave

    FEB 27, 2002


    8.03 AM: Incident at Godhra claims lives of 57 kar sevaks.
    8.30 AM: Modi is informed of the carnage.
    4.30 PM: Modi gives shoot-at-sight orders to the police.
    10.30 PM: CM orders curfew in sensitive places and pre-emptive arrests.


    FEB 28, 2002


    8.00 AM: Special control room set up in CM”s house.
    12.00 PM: Modi informally contacts Centre for calling in army.
    4.00 PM: Modi requests army deployment following consultations with Advani.
    7.00 PM: The Gujarat Government”s formal request for
    army deployment is received in Delhi.
    11.30 PM: Airlifting of troops begins


    MARCH 1, 2002


    2.30 AM: A brigade reaches Ahmedabad.
    9.00 AM: Discussions between
    representatives of the army and the state
    take place, followed by troop flag march in Ahmedabad.”


    The retaliation of the Godhra train carnage was overwhelming for
    the available resources at his disposal was obvious, but to blame the Chief
    Minister or his administration for that would be as unjustified as to blame the
    Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, for the recent obvious sloppiness and
    intelligence failure that one saw during the recent Mumbai terrorist attack of
    Nov 2008. Yet that has been and is still being done in such vigour that even
    most Hindus feel that it is the truth and are probably shameful about Mr.
    Narendra Modi.


    Contrast this with the largest riot that happened in recent
    times, the anti Sikh riot in Delhi in 1984, in the
    aftermath of Indira Gandhi”s assassination. In that incidence, officially
    3,000 Sikhs were killed and may be 10,000 in actual number. Not a single
    Congressman was killed, not even one person was killed in police firing, and
    not even a single government relief camp was organized for the Sikhs in 1984.


    Those who vilify Modi as a representative of Hindutva politicis
    of the BJP or RSS kind, fail to remember that Hindu – Muslim riots happened
    even before the RSS was founded in 1925 or the BJP in 1980. Hindus, known for
    their tolerance and faith in religious pluralism, are never known to be in
    conflict anywhere else in the world, but the same cannot be said of the
    followers of the Muslim religion, involved in religious (against Hindus,
    Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc) and sectarian (Shia, Sunnis etc…).


    Why should you classify people by only religion? There are many
    classes and groups composed of human beings. They are all constitutionally recognised.
    Indira Gandhi had played havoc to the people of the groups who were against her
    or her party. They were arrested and put behind the bars for indefinite period,
    they were tortured. Their family life was paralysed. Indira Gandhi had wilfully
    ignored the health care of veteran Gandhian Jai Prakash Narayan. For this
    reason his health took him to pre-matured death. Indira Gandhi was directly
    responsible for this cognizable offence. Indira Gandhi had arrested humans of
    her opponent group without even existence of offence. This was known to her.
    That is why she had no courage to present her self before Shah Commission. Not
    only this, if had she any respect for rule of law she could have prosecuted them
    during 1980 -1983, all those who she had arrested during emergency.

    Narendra Modi is 1000 times far superior to Indira
    Gandhi so far respect to humanity and rule of law is concern. 

  3. Pradyumna k p

    Can’t these people be brought under “showing disrespect to the court’ crime?
    defamation case may be filed and fight against these people. meantime sanjay bhat who had given a false affidavit must be booked for giving a false declaration that too before Honb’e supreme court.

  4. tiger

    toi is paid news they havebeen befooling from nehru day, now internet have exposed them now hindu also exposed for paid new,soon they will be on road,,,

  5. Ashish Prabhu

    Aaah! another article showing Modi to be a do-no evil saint. The fault is not with Modi, it lies with the world for telling the truth about Modi.

    Only pioneer and organiser are honest media outlets, the rest who question the Sangh Parivar are all crooks and liars.

    Wonder how much Vineetha Menon got paid by Modi’s lobbying firm APCO Worldwide for this piece of journalistic travesty?

  6. Eckbits05

    dude either you don’t understand english or you are blind the article was about the impartial media its not about wether modi is culprit or innocent it just discusses the double standards of the media just read it again sentence by sentence or ask one of you friends who knows english well to summarize you the zist of the story :P

  7. guest

     Dear Mr. Ashish, Looks like this is the company you keep, making you believe that everything written is being paid by XYZ.. typical case of jaundiced vision.. Good luck in life !!

  8. muslimbhagawat

    It shows how sonia gandhi is afraid of narendra Modi and had captured all BJP leaders under her wings to prevent Modi from ascending throne at delhi.All national leaders caleld as dilli4 are totalluy in tandem with sonia by scret alliance through AJ who as a member of BCCI colluded with Sharad Pawar and is favourite to sonia who make all of them slaves.BJP is now nothing but  slave party.It cant run in 2014 if it heralds with dilli4.Presidentail election will also shows the true picture of dilii4 who are in collusion of sonia to elect her candidate.Why SS raised name of Kalam when there is no talk of names 2 months before election.When election is to be held in July why she is eager to sound name of kalam to be nipped in the bud.all so called NGOs,Lawyers,Human righta ctivists and disgruntled IPS officers of Gujarat cadre are in cahoots with sonia gandhi to embroil Narendra Modi in so many cases that he would not get time to get to delhi.It shows panickness of sonia.She very well knows that if namo wud be PM she would be in chains in tihar.She dont care any other leader including LKA who is also blackmailed for cases against him in CBI courts in regard to Babri demolition case.All others are also blackmailed by sonia with documentary evidences of their sins.AJ is trapped by PC.Many stories going round in delhi.But narendra Modi is lion and he would not be prevented from ascending the throne of delhi.Whatever she may try but her game is off.She cant play with sentiments of indian voters anymore.Now it is upto BJP to get lethal on their attacks on congress only.

  9. pesticide

    Bravo brother bravo…. well written..hats off to you…. :)

  10. Maasdf

    Whose AJ ?

  11. shelley kasli


    Have a look at my research article on the workings of a PR
    Agency that goes by the name of APCO Worldwide and it’s sister concern
    ASERO Worldwide. The focus of the article is their implications and how
    it affects Indian politics and puts it’s security and resources in
    jeopardy. Forming a strong base of case studies ranging from the
    discredit campaign on Michael Moore’s Sicko to the 1Malaysia campaign
    and having dictators on it’s client list we move forward to it’s Zionist
    Connection and also on having Ex-Mossad’s on it’s member list along
    with many Bilderbergs. Finally it’s concluded with it’s proximity to
    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and also APCO’s future plan for

    Mechanics of Narendra Modi’s PR agency : APCO Worldwide – Orchestrating our Future

    Kind Regards,
    Shelley Kasli
    Independent Geo-Political Researcher,
    Creative Director,
    WildChild Studios http://dreamrealmstudios.blogspot.in/

  12. Maha Rawj

    Share & Reshare http://www.gujaratriots.com/ The Truth exposed.
    Modi Supporters Don’t put development over communalism or injustice against any religion.
    We support Modi because he was never responsible for the Riots.
    The truth exposed with Mainstream Media links.
    The comparison with 84 Sikh riots.
    And How Arundhathi roy Wrote articles about Ehsan Jaffri’s daughters being raped when they were never there. She later apologized to Ehsan Jaffri’s for wrongly writing about his daughters. But never TO Modi for fabricating this
    Till today many Brainwashed people still think that his daughter were raped with Om carved on their forehead.
    That is the basic agenda of this Blatant lying. They know they will be exposed but they hope that some people will never know the truth and they would have brainwashed them effectively.

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