Gujarat and Growth: Media does a Flip-Flop

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 | by

In what can be termed as acute embarrassment to major media houses, a “Modi”fication of articles that were published, based on GDP of Gujarat state was done hurriedly. Today Business Standard, one of India’s leading newspaper, carried an article by AK Bhattacharya, with a set of figures that depict growth in Gujarat, trying to drive home a point that ‘growth of Gujarat is a myth’. Soon, other media houses like Rediff, and surprisingly the British Broadcasting Corporation joined the bandwagon. this resulted in print media splashing articles quoting the figures quoted by Business Standard. BBC even went to the extent of nailing Gujarat with a story titled “Is Gujarat’s Red Hot Economy a Myth?” But soon followed counter figures, with accurate proof, which put the very  same media houses to shame. The article published by Business Standard quotes the GDP of Gujarat as 6.3%, where as the actual figures stood at a towering 10.08%.     

The credit of exposing the leading media houses and their credibility goes to Vijay(@centerofright) who exposed the mammoth difference between the real figures and what was contorted and published. With the real facts presented before them, Business Standard was forced to edit their original article and issue a clarification that read thus: This column has been modified to incorporate corrected data. (Read the article here).

The step taken by Business Standard of publishing the original article without conforming to real data and their subsequent correction led to an outright flurry over Twitter, the micro-blogging site. There were rampant discussions that questioned the credibility of leading media houses and the news they present the common man with. Even the reliability and integrity of BBC stood at stake. A shamefaced BBC had to change the title of their article to ‘Gujarat IS a Red Hot Economy’.

“It is silly that reputed media houses made mistake in a topic like GDP of Gujarat when Growth of Gujarat is a heavily debated issue.” Many tweeple raised their concern.

The modified article of BBC can be read here: “Gujarat IS a red hot economy.”

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5 Responses to Gujarat and Growth: Media does a Flip-Flop

  1. Biren

    gr8 work by people to fight with paid media

  2. Sadhu Swarup

    Modi bashing has turned into Gujarat bashing for the Congress and its supporters. They are so gleeful of the fact that NaMo is not getting US visa! 

  3. Girish Podar

    Shame on the Paid Media anti Gujarat lobby. Wonder how much they get paid to write filth. And it is invariably Gujarat. Such morons.

  4. Ganguli

    great job tweeples

  5. Agabitat

    Poisoned tooth bites the liar’s tongue !

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